Xbox One X vs Playstation 5 Ultimate Comparission!

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Xbox X vs Playstation 5 Comparision

Gaming now has taken a different turn in terms of advancement than it used to be before. Gaming has been shifted from mobile phones to PC, consoles, and VR. All of these platforms gives a seamless gaming experience.

In a recent update, we came to know about the latest Xbox X and PlayStation 5, and both of them are believed to be somewhat different from their previous models and will give each other tough competition in the market.

Users have been discussing over that which of them is the best console to go for. In this article, we will be discussing both Xbox X and Playstation 5, and which of them is the best to go for.

Specs Of The Consoles

As per the latest teaser, it can be concluded that both of the consoles has got some great specs. But are they enough to meet your gaming requirement?

The console will be powered by 8X core at a speed of 3.8 GHz, custom Zen 2 CPU, to talk about the specs of XBOX X. GPU is one of the essential parts of gaming console and keeping that in mind, Microsoft has equipped XBOX X with Custom RDNA 2 GPU with 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs having a speed of 1.825 GHz. The XBOX X has a 16 GB GDDR6 memory.

Coming to the storage, which is also essential for the console, as it helps store the downloaded game, XBOX X has a 1 TB SSD storage, which seems to provide more speed than the regular SSD.

Well, the storage in this one is expandable for up to 1 TB. Also, it has an optical drive, i.e., a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. It is designed to perform up to 4k at 60 FPS frame rate, which can go maximum up to 120 fps.

Let’s check the specs of Playstation 5, which is no less than Xbox X. Playstation 5 is powered by AMD Zen 2 based CPU, which has eight cores having a frequency of 3.5 GHz.

It has a custom RDNA 2 GPU architecture with 10.28 TFLOPS, having 36 CUs with a frequency of 2.23 GHz.

Talking about the memory of the Playstation 5, it has a 16 GB DDR6 memory. The internal storage in the Playstation 5 is slightly less when compared to Xbox X, i.e., it has an SSD of 825 GB. It also has a 4K UHD blu-ray drive similar to that of Xbox X. It can be seen that both the console have similar specs, but here Xbox X is at the upper hand.


After the specs come, the controller, which is also an essential part of the comparison as the controller, also enhances your gaming experience. This time users get to see something new with the controller of Playstation 5.

Sony this time has included a new controller for the latest, i.e., the latest Dualsense PS5 controller will be included with the latest Playstation5 and not the Dualshock 5 controller. Not only is the controller changes this time, but also the color scheme for the same.

This time we will get to see ew black and white color code. Also this the share button will no longer be available.

Coming to the Xbox X controller, the controller is the same as that of Xbox One with some minor changes, which makes sense. Playstation’s new controller won’t be having the share button, but this time Xbox has adapted the share button from the Dualshock 4 controller.

Moreover, there will be a new D-pad on the controller. According to Microsoft, the latest Xbox X controller will have a smaller size, which will be more comfortable for people.


When it comes to design, users look for something sleek and modern look. With both the consoles, you will get to see a new design, which will be a good start for both the consoles, especially the new Xbox Series X.

Talking about the design of the latest Xbox X, you will see an upright tower design with pitch-black color, giving it a slightly modern look. The company says that the console can be laid vertically as well as horizontally.

Also, it has vents on the top for advanced cooling of the console giving it a look resembling gaming Pc. The logo is inserted at the top left corner of the console. The ports you will be getting is also essential to consider.

The latest Xbox X will have all the essential ports, including Ethernet port, HDMI Port, 3 USB type-A port, power input port, and expandable storage slot.

With the launch event, Sony has revealed two identical; only the difference between them is that one of them will have a digital drive slot while others will not have.

The console with the drive will be a bit thicker than the other one. Earlier, the rumors were about the console to be bulkier with a V-shaped design on the top, but now with the launch event, Sony has revealed the design.

When it comes to designing the consoles, no one can compete with Sony, as they always come up with something new. This time, we get to see a new design with the Playstation 5, which matches the color code of the controller.

The Playstation 5 will be having sleek design making it look more modern than that of the latest Xbox X.


Playstation 5 will be having a tough competition with the latest Xbox X series, and in terms of pricing as well, both of them will be having similar pricing. The latest Playstation 5 will be between $400-$500, and the same is with the Xbox X. Both of them being a tough competition in the market their can be a price battle for which is the lowest.


Both of the gaming consoles have really good specs, and in terms of design as well, both of them look modern and stylish. Both of the companies have adapted to new game controllers providing hepatic feedback.

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