What To Look For In A Gaming Monitor?

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What To Look For In A Gaming Monitor?

One of the most essential parts of a gaming PC is its display. Although CPU is also one of the most crucial parts of a gaming computer, a good display enhances your gaming experience. A good gaming monitor integrated with a good CPU will be a good gaming experience for all gamers. Many people, when buying a gaming monitor, get confused with what specs to choose. Let’s discuss what to look for in a gaming monitor.

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A thing that should matter the most when buying a gaming monitor is the resolution of the monitor. You can choose between HD or 720p, FHD or 1080p, QHD or 2K, or UHD or 4K. With a greater resolution, you get high clarity. Well, you should not go for too high resolution, i.e., for 2K or 4K. Why so? With higher resolution, manufacturers generally don’t offer a greater refresh rate. It is recommended to go for FHD because with a 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is good to go. However, if you are getting a high refresh rate with more resolution, you should opt to go for it.

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Refresh Rate

Higher the refresh rate, the better will be the gaming performance. The thing to note is that refresh rate alone does not matter until and unless you have a monitor with relatively higher resolution and good graphic sync. If the monitor you are buying has a high refresh rate but a low resolution that will be of no use except a waste of money. For instance, you should go for 2K resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz. With a good refresh rate, you also get higher frames per second, which will make the performance more efficient.

Adaptive Sync

Screen tearing can be a significant problem when playing games on a PC. What is the root cause of the screen tearing while playing games? With adaptive sync, your monitor can face screen tearing or ghosting. You can go for Free Sync or G-Sync. AMD Free Sync does not add to the price you are paying for the monitor, whereas with Nvidia G-Sync, you will have to pay more. However, most of the monitors do have adaptive sync in-built.

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Technology Of The Panel

The two most common types of screen panel that you will get in the market are IPS or TN. Well, IPS does offer a proper viewing angle with better visual quality, whereas with the TN screen panel, you get a faster response time.

Response Time

Faster response time means that how less time a pixel takes to turn from black to white or to any other color or shades. Faster is the response time; lower will be the time consumed in switching the color of the pixels. 

With an IPS LCD panel, you get a 4ms (milliseconds), which is quite low, whereas, with TN screen panel, you get 1ms (millisecond), which is way too fast for a screen to handle heavy gaming.

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Screen Size

As a gamer, you need to have a monitor that has a large screen size. With a large screen size, you have a better view of the objects that appear on the screen. Moreover, with a large screen, it comforts your eyes with no strain on your eyes while you play games. Make sure that the monitor you are buying has a protective layer to protect your eyes from blue light that emits from the screen by blocking it. Make sure that with large screen size, you get a higher screen resolution as well. You should know how to balance the refresh rate, response time, resolution, and screen time perfectly. If you manage the performance with all these factors, then you can get a good gaming monitor.

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Modern technology monitors use a variety of connectors. When buying monitors, you need to ensure that they use connectors that are easily available to you. Connectors such as HDMI 2.0 provides high-quality video projection. Try going for monitors with the latest connectors jack, which provides stabilized images and video content.


Ensuring these tips, you will be able to get a monitor that suits your gaming needs very well. 

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