What to do after buying a domain?

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What to do after buying a domain?

The first and foremost thing you must do to start your company is having a right domain. Buying a domain leads to establish your online presence. Once you have your own domain, it totally depends on your strategies to be followed as per thedomain.


However, there are other things that you can follow after buying a domain. Once, you have an idea how to start with the new domain, you can go beyond generating lead or SEO.

10 Things to do after buying a domain name:

  1. Maintaining the match with social media names/URLs

The availability of a social media names will create a great impact on the domain name you want to get. As the unmatchable domain name with the social media name may create loss of useful connection and create confusion as well. So, it is essential to create a social media account as soon as you have decided a right domain name for your company.

  • Having an LLC  or corporation

If you are starting a new business with a domain then, you are likely to focus the business for a long-run. You can proceed by either being a sole proprietor or else with partnership. In the order to give it security and additional benefits, you need to create an LLC and corporations. LLC’s is very popular in terms of low-cost and liability protection among many companies.

  • Register a trademark for your business

If you are very much serious about the safety of your newly-based business then register a trademark for it. Basically, trademarks provides utmost protection against any kind of damage of infringement. This process involves by allowing the mark holders to take legal action that results in winning the compensation or any infringing properties.

  • Get web hosting and setting your domain

The perfect way to uplift your website is to put it on space. Web hosting is available in several ways from low-cost virtual hosting to famous cloud hosting. When you are done with your domain name, it’s time to change your domain name server’s to hosting company’s nameservers.

  • Create an email address on Google Apps

Having a domain name enables you to create your own email address not linked with ISP or webmail service. For this, you just need to set up with your hosting service or from the Google Apps services. You are also capable of directing the forward accounts at your host to move it on your existing email address.

  • Have a business related phone numbers

Your business has its own identity and it must have its own contact/fax number. You can also forward it to your cell phone or home phone lines. Getting a toll-free number can also be considered that saves clients call charges and it make your business appeal to be more serious.

  • Get a PO Box for your business

PO Box is something that must be included. As it helps to differentiate your business mails from your personal mails. It will keep the record of address off the places consisting of business address like your business cards.

  • Develop and Design your Website

Well, it’s the right time to make online presence by designing and developing your website. For the users, website is the only means of reaching your business. It will make you able to offer various offers on it and accepts payments through this website.

You can consider any of the platform like wordpress to find out what others are implementing in their websites. You can select the best web designer or developer that can do it for you.

  • It’s time for the SEO your website

With your own website, now you can start with the SEO your website. As most of the people spend their time in social media sites, it is necessary to make proper marketing of your website. This is possible through CPA ads, PPC, buying leads and generating your own leads. You can apply other online and offline marketing strategies as well.

  1. Order for Business Cards

You must definitely have your business cards especially if you are attending any trade shows to find your clients. You cannot underestimate about any kind of opportunity getting through the person you meet.

Finally, we would conclude by saying that, you must not miss any step after owning a domain name. As it is very important for your newly-based business to grow.

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