What is Exactly a Notch Display Mobile Phone?

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It has been almost two years with the inclusion of the notch display in Smartphones. They are quite similar to those found in Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XS is moreover a disruptive trend in modern smartphone design.

As many of them love the design but others do not. Whatever, if you do not have any idea regarding what exactly this notch is, we bring you to complete guidance to know more about the smartphone notches.

What does notched display means?

A notched display is basically a smartphone screen that is irregular in shape due to a cutout on the edge of a device. The cutout is usually the uppermost one instead of regular or rectangular design.

However, the purpose of each notch is not the same. It can be used as speakers, house sensors, and in some cases, front-facing cameras.

Evolution of the first notched display

Even though the notched display became popular from Apple’s iPhone X, but the first notable device to incorporate notched display was Essentials PH-1 smartphone.

Essentials PH-1 got released in August 2017 which was announced in May 2017. Until September, iPhone X was not announced officially with a wide notch design. But still, most of the people credit Apple to popularize the notch display.

Now the question comes why do modern smartphones have notches?

A smartphone having a notch display will allow manufacturers to achieve higher screen-to-body ratio and smaller physical form factor. They also provide you more screen space by moving the android status bar into the screen space that surrounds the notch.

Moreover, the notch allows more screen space for the smartphone designs which are combined with thinner bezels.

In spite of this, most of the applications and software have not been optimized accordingly that you will be running on a notched display. This can even lead to an uneasy situation where you will be unable to access it properly. However, to reduce this problem, new rules have been introduced by Google for Android developers in the year 2018.


  • The Wedge

The wedge-like notch found in iPhone X and following Apple’s devices are very popular so far. But it was not the first notch display phone. This kind of notch can also be found on some of the Android devices such as LG’s G7 ThinQ and Huawei’s P20 Pro.

  • The Teardrop

Most of the Android manufacturers took an opportunity to further increase the screen-to-body ratio of the notched display. In order to achieve this design, they cut-out things down to match, but finally ended with the teardrop style.

The advantage of this style is you are getting more screen space. But may be sometimes you have to compromise in case of the front-facing camera.

  • The Side-Notch

Recent Qualcomm featured a notch on the upper right corner of the screen which can be seen on the prototype for a 5G Samsung smartphone.

Besides the outspoken reaction from notch-haters, the company has moved forward and put the world’s first side-notch on their Galaxy fold.

  • The Double-Notch

There may be some more reasons to do so, but some of the vendors have included two notches on their smartphones.

The concept of including this was to obtain more benefits. But it is still not so clear regarding this.

In 2019, Smartphone manufacturers introduced a new form of notch display that many of them call “the hole-punched display”. Others call it circular cutout display or hole-display.

Like other notches, it has also some more challenges for the software developers.

After all, the desire of having a small device with a bigger screen has what made us today have notched displays.

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