What exactly is Instamojo? How to use Instamojo?

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What exactly is Instamojo? How to use Instamojo?

Have you ever tried to sell your book online? Or else required to collect the payment for your event or any kind of membership course online? The most important thing is that after you are ready for all this, the next thing to proceed with an integrated payment collection system. Many people just deposit directly as payment options or even through net-banking. But the problem with this kind of payment is, later on, there is a chance of changing your mind.

In this post, we bring you an ideal payment platform of online payment and how you can benefit out of it.

What is Instamojo & How it actually works?

Instamojo is a digital payments platform that is a Bangalore-based company usually for collecting online payment and selling digital goods. This platform is basically designed to offer various solutions for the Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It is very beneficial in terms of online business in the present situation.

In simple words, it can be used to collect payment and sell any digital goods. The best thing about Instamojo is, it just takes few minutes to start and account is activated within few minutes.

Any seller from India, having a bank account can start selling online by enrolling themselves at Instamojo. It takes care of everything such as the delivery of digital goods and payment. But, if you are only concern to collect payment for your event or workshop you can Instamojo for that also.

Bloggers and Authors use this service to sell e-books, musicians to sell their music album, photographers to sell their photos and designer to sell their designs. Most of the topmost sellers make use of this platform to sell CAT, IAS, and other coaching resources.

Instamojo made easier for the digital entrepreneurs in India. It has simplified the online commerce who deal with selling online and getting paid.

How to Use Instamojo:

Here, we bring you simple steps to get started with this:

  • Go to Instamojo Homepage.
  • Click on to start and create a profile.
  • It is better to use a good username, as it is displayed in your particular download link. You can even use your brand name or any keyword that is related to your product.
  • Then proceed with the following steps.

Let’s get started:

  1. First you need to submit your KYC.

Upload your PAN Card and bank statement in order to complete the verification.

  • Then create a payment link.

You can start with your collecting online payments.

  • Now, your profile is completed.

Once your profile is completed, upload your logo, add contact details and fill-up your bio.

In this way, you can use Instamojo and take a benefit out of it for collecting online payment and digital selling procedures.

In today’s fast forward generation, one needs to sell the products instantly and it will surely a game-changer in global online commerce if they expand their boundaries worldwide.

Finally, we would conclude by saying that Instamojo makes it easier for you if you want to sell your products online. In this way, it saves your precious time and prevents the paperwork for the collection of payment along with other formalities.


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