What is Fastag? FastTag Explained!

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What is Fastag?

Most of you love to go for a long drive or have an exciting journey with your near and dear ones. But your excitement comes to slow down when you see lots of vehicles stuck at toll booth. But not to worry, Indian Government has taken some useful measure regarding this by introducing Fastag.

Now, you may be wonder, what does it mean and how it is beneficial. We are right here to get into that. In the article below, you will know more about this term and what is the benefit of using it.

What is Fastag?

Fastag is an electronic toll collection system, which was introduced by Indian Government in October 2017. It is operated by National Highway Authority of India {NHAI}. It is in general based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology {RFID}.

Fastags are attached on the windscreen of the vehicles and do not have an expiry date. We can consider it as prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection. It can be used until they are not damaged and even easy to read at toll plazas.

Now let’s come to our next segment about its working system.

How does Fastag scheme work?

Vehicles having a fastag enabled in it, need not required to stop at toll gates. As the charges are deducted from the bank account or prepaid when the vehicle is moving.This means that to make the transactions, drivers need not have to stop the vehicle as the toll collection will be done electronically under NETC {National Electronic Toll Collection}.

Is it really Mandatory to use Fastag?

Definitely, it is mandatory and the driver has to pay double toll tax if you have passed a Fastag-enabled toll booth without a Fastag card.

According to the statement by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, more than 1.15 crore fastags cardswere issued since 31st December 2019.

Where and How to Get Fastag Card?

The NHAI, National Highway Authority has approved 22 Banks in India to issue Fastag cards to the individuals. You can avail Fastag cards from the website of these particular banks. It is not necessary to have the personal account in any of these banks.

You can also apply Fastag card through various digital platforms such as Paytm and Amazon. You can even avail your card by visiting your nearest POS terminal.

Basically the documents required to apply for a Fastag card is submitting your KYC documents {identity proof and residential proof}. One thing to keep in mind, KYC documents that are submitted can differ from one bank to another.

Along with the KYC documents, you need to submit your vehicle’s registration certificate {RC} with a passport size photo. This totally depends on whether you are availing the card offline or online.

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