What is Artificial Intelligence and What are the benefits of AI?

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Artificial intelligence, in simple terms, is the ability of a machine to mimic human action. With the help of machine learning and the use of natural language processing, machines are trained to think and work like a human. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can perform such tasks that cannot be performed by humans easily. Programs like Siri And Google assistant are an example of artificial intelligence, which are entitled to perform various tasks of a personal assistant. 

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been beneficial to humankind in various ways. From performing boring tasks, to performing difficult tasks, all of it can be performed with the help of artificial intelligence. With futuristic advancement, artificial intelligence can take the place of human employees. These are the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Data Ingestion

One of the biggest uses of artificial intelligence is data ingestion. Data ingestion is the handling of a large amount of data. In big companies, the database can be hard to handle. Not only in big companies but even in small companies say companies with 100 employees. Still, there can be enough data that can be difficult to be handled by humans. In such cases, artificial intelligence systems are brought into use. Artificial intelligence can update the database without requiring any human employees. 

In companies like Facebook, Netflix, Google, they use a dynamic database system that is hard to handle by humans. An example of such a program is Elucify, which manages all the data present in the System.

Mimic Human Mind

Though it is not possible now, it is believed that technology will exist in the future. Mimicking human functions and language is what makes Artificial Intelligence unique. Scientists are working on making this thing possible. We can see these features at a minimal level in some personal assistant apps. Moreover, what artificial intelligence aims to feature is to not only be able to perform functions that humans can do but also recognize human language and respond in the same voice tone. 

Makes Boring Tasks Easy

Having a personal assistant that is a command away can make a lot of your work quite easy. One such example is Google Assistant and Siri. Various tasks can require a lot of human effort, but with these personal assistants, your boring tasks can become easy. There are tasks that you do not enjoy doing, but you have to do them for completing them. There are various commands which you perform daily, such as playing music, sending calendar invites, searching for news, which, if seen as a whole, consumes your lot of time. Artificial intelligence like Google assistant and Siri can perform all these tasks with a voice command. Be it either sending calendar invites, you can insert all the information, and you can send them to all at once with the help of these apps. You will save time without having to send them individually.

Facial Recognition

Artificial intelligence can be used for security purposes, as well. How many of you are aware of face lock in mobiles? In many high-end mobile phones, artificial intelligence has been taken into use to enhance security. For example, face recognition in iPhones has been enhanced with the use of artificial intelligence, which briefly analyzes the facial features before giving access to the phone.

This can be used in firms as well for providing security. Artificial intelligence, when integrated with biometric, can provide better security.


Chatbots are being made into effect in various companies. Chatbots allow customers to chat and place their order from online stores. Chatbots can be beneficial in case of a huge number of customers visiting the site. With the help of chatbots, companies can easily talk to their customers and solve their queries until a customer assistant is available. Chatbots are now being programmed in such a way that they can not only respond to your text but also your voice recordings and can even reply as a voice message. 

Automated Driving System

How awesome would it be to have a car that has an automated driving system? Even in the traffic area, you can rely on such programs to get through safely. In future Artificial Intelligence will be used by various automobile companies to have an automated driving system in their vehicles and enhance their efficiency.

An automated driving system requires the program to have information about the surroundings and street view. It is crucial for a car with an automated driving system to analyze the surroundings and work accordingly. Moreover, an automated driving system can identify the average speed and the speed limit of the car and speed up accordingly. Self-driven cars need to have access to maps to get information about traffic. Artificial intelligence in serif driven vehicles analyzes traffic nearby and speeds up based on the data retrieved. Not only this much but automated driving systems keep a note of changing lanes and streets to identify the place they are going to.

Control Natural Disaster

Apart from using for gaming, business, and other self-interest, artificial intelligence can be used to predict natural disasters. With humans, weather forecasts, and predictions of the natural disaster can be very difficult, and the conclusion might not be accurate. Humans sometimes cannot provide reliable data for futuristic natural disasters.

With artificial intelligence, you can be sure about the correct prediction. Artificial intelligence can be used to retrieve information about the weather and natural disasters, which will be accurate. Disasters such as cyclones, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes can be prevented when artificial intelligence is brought into use by the government. Having early information about such natural disasters can only be possible hu artificial intelligence. Government, when know about the disaster that will occur, can prepare the people to stand against it. Even if possible, people can be evacuated to some safe place if the calamity causes destruction.


Artificial intelligence has various benefits, not.only for gaming purposes or business but saving humankind from calamities. Artificial intelligence is brought into use correctly, can lessen the human. Efforts required to accomplish a task, and the task will be done precisely.

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