How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC Or Mac?

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Are you looking to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac but facing difficulty in doing so? Well, Apple products are pretty good at syncing with each other. Still, when it comes to transferring files or any other data to any other device with a different operating system, you might find it difficult to do so. Unlike Android, where you can easily transfer photos and other data, there’s a lot required when doing the same with the iPhone. Transferring photos from iPhone to Mac is quite easier than transferring to PC. 

Transfer Your Photos To PC

When transferring photos from iPhone to PC, you will need a USB cable that can connect to your phone and your PC. If you are using a PC with USB type C port, then you can also use that. When you connect your phone in Windows PC, a window pops up, asking whether you want to import photos or videos or open the files. The same is with an iPhone, too; when you plug in your iPhone, your PC will ask you to import photos or open your file. 

Click on the import photos open, and the photos app of Windows will open up. You will have to select the photos to you want to get imported to your PC. You will see an option to import photos at the top of the Photos app window. 

A box will open up showing you all the photos you have selected; you can then select the photos’ location to be imported and click on continue. Once done, do not close the window because the photos won’t be saved yet. Once the photos have been imported, you will have to save them with the next window’s help that appears. Just click on save, and you are good to go. 

Transfer Photos To MAC

There are many ways to transfer photos to a MAC. You can transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac with the help of a cable, airdrop, or by using iCloud. Well, note that these methods are only applicable to Mac devices. 

Transferring Using The USB Cable

The very first way to transfer or import your photos from iPhone to Mac is with the help of a USB cable. First of all, you will have to connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. The process is similar to transferring photos to your PC from iPhone. When you connect your iPhone using your PC using the USB cable, your MAC’s photos app will open. If it doesn’t happen, then you can by yourself open the photos app and click on files on the top menu. You will see a menu open up, from there click on import.  

Now, select all the photos that are to be imported and click on review for import. If you have imported the photos previously, then you will have the option to import the remaining photos. Click on import new photo options, and all the remaining photos will be imported. If you want to import all the photos, then there will be an option stating ‘Import all new items,’ and all the photos will be imported. 

Transferring The Photos Using iCloud Photo Stream

With iCloud Photostream, you can easily import photos from your iPhone to your Mac when connected to the wifi. To set up the iCloud Photostream, you will have to enable your iPhone and your Mac device. 

Now on your iPhone, open the Settings app, and tap the option with your name at the page’s top. Then click on iCloud, and on the next page that appears, click on the photos. You will see an option stating, upload to My Photostream. Turn this option on. Now head to your Mac, and open system preferences from the Apple menu at the top. Choose the iCloud option and sign in. Now tap on options next to photos. You will see an option stating ‘My photo stream’ tick the checkbox and then click on done. Photos will be there in the Photostream when both the devices are in the Wifi zone. Now open the photos app and click on the preferences option you will see at the top under the photos. Now choose general, and on the window that appears next, click on the box next to the importing option. Now your photos will be saved to your Mac, once they are there in the Photostream. 

Transferring Using Airdrop

You can use Airdrop t help transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac. You will have to use Wifi transfer to transfer photos. Open the photos app on your iPhone, select all the photos you want to transfer to your Mac, and click on the share option. You will see the airdrop option at the top of the share menu. Choose your computer’s name, and you are good to go. Once the process is completed, it will say ‘sent’ below your computer’s name. 

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