Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

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When it comes to e-mail marketing, we always struggle choosing the right tool. There are tons of tools in the market but very few are totally worth it.

To make sure that we are getting maximum delivery rates and less spam. We must ensure that our sender tool is a reputed. Then comes user-friendly interface. Yes, I hate tools with bad interface personally. You can let me know about your favorite tool in the comment box so that I can check them out.

So let’s begin the hunt for the best email marketing tool for small businesses and startups. Why did I use words like small businesses and startups? Because they are the business sizes who really struggle when it comes to affording costly tools. And in this article I will try to go in-depth of each and every tool also give my personal favorite.

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools:

  1. Aweber: This is a tool I can really vouch for. I really love the way they put together the entire tool. And the best part is they will give you 30 days free trial with all the premium features when you sign up using any Aweber banner on this article. (If you see one)

    Features: Aweber has a lot of features when compared to other tools and is very user-friendly as well. Why I talk about user-friendliness a lot? Marketers are not coders, they want something they can use easily without wasting a lot of time on it. Because time is money for marketers.
Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

Smart Designer: Aweber has a smart designer that helps you design email templates with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Is not that really cool? Yes, it is.

Landing Pages: Aweber allows you to create landing pages inside the tool. Which means you don’t have to pay extra bucks to costly landing page makers.

Free template Library: A huge library of ready-made templates that you can use and start a campaign with few clicks. Time saved again.

Drag & Drop: Yes, Aweber allows you to create custom drag and drop email templates in minutes that too without any knowledge of coding or complex tasks.

Auto Newsletter: Now this feature is amazing, if you are a blogger or having a website that includes a blog or having strong content marketing plans in future this auto newsletter feature will allow you to circulate all your latest articles to your readers via email. Too cool I would say.

Pricing of Aweber:

0-500 Subscribers $19 P.M

501-2500 Subscribers $29 P.M

2501-5000 Subscribers $49 P.M

5001-10000 Subscribers $60 P.M

10001-25000 Subscribers $149 P.M

They also have quarterly and annual pricing.

Why do I vouch for Aweber?

Great customer support, an amazing blog with lot of guides, easy interface, and reliability.

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2. Mailchimp: One of the oldest email marketing in the market. Mailchimp has a different fan base. The company was founded in 2001 and their headquarter is at Atlanta Georgia, United States.

Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

Mailchimp’s tag line is, “The all in one Marketing Platform Built for Small Businesses.” Sounds really interesting.


If we talk about features of MailChimp in detail, it might take another article for me to complete it. But MailChimp has a lot of features to offer.

From marketing CRM, behavior targeting, and lookalike audience to landing pages, marketing automation, and social media integration. And from Digital ads and postcards to insights and analytics. They have it all.

Now to start with MailChimp I would definitely recommend you to go through few free courses or video tutorials if you are a beginner in this field.

Because you might get confused by seeing so many options in a single dashboard. But they work like a charm.


2000 Contacts 1 audience – Free (Basic features to get started)
50000 Contacts 3 audience – $9.99 (Must have features)
100000 Contacts 5 audience – $14.99 (Better insights plan)
200000 Contacts Unlimited Audience – $299 (Advanced plan for professionals)

Note: All the plans are monthly.

They have a pretty decent resources library from where you can get a lot of content that will help you to get a grasp on this tool.

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3. MailerLite: After Aweber MailerLite is my 2nd favorite email marketing tool. Why? because its easy, simple, fast and comes with a smooth interface.

I have used this tool a lot, and it literally takes 2-5 mins for me to send a campaign. The deliveribility is quite good as well. They have a neat and clean interface that allows you to send quick campaigns.


Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

Landing Pages


Email automation

Rich text editor

A/B Testing


Mobile-Friendly Newsletters


SubscribersEmails / monthMonthly cost
1 – 1,00012,000Free
1 – 1,000Unlimited$10
1,001 – 2,500Unlimited$15
2,501 – 5,000Unlimited$30
5,001 – 10,000Unlimited$50

4. Moosend: I came across this tool when I saw the LTD on AppSumo. This is a great email marketing that keeps growing its standard and features every single day.

A lot of automation and integrations can be used with this tool. If you are an advanced level marketer then this is definitely a good choice.

Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

Features: Moosend has features like landing pages, subscription forms, automation, integrations i.e zapier like tools, ecommerce AI and tracking.

The user interface is really clean and soothing.


Free plan – does not have landing page or advance options

$8 per month plan – does not have custom reporting

Custom plan – you can talk to the team for a custom plan

5. SendinBlue

Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Startups

SendinBlue is another email marketing tool where you have advanced options like SMS Marketing, CRM, Segmentation, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads and retargeting.

How are they different?

Sendinblue differentiates itself by keeping a pricing plan for every business size. They do have a free plan to start and an enterprise plan for big companies.


Free – 300 Emails a day (basic features)
Lite – $25 (40000 emails a month and will have sendinblue branding)
Essential $39 (60000 emails a month with no branding of sendinblue)
Premium $66 (120000 emails a month includes FB ads, automation and landing pages)

For enterprise plan you have to talk to their sales team and they do have yearly plans.


At the end of day, its all about ease of use and delivery rate when it comes to email marketing tool. I would now short list my top 3 favorite so that you can easily decide which tool you should go with.

1. Aweber
2. Moosend
3. MailerLite

These are my top 3 choices and if you ask me why the reason would be I get things done easily without wasting too much of my time. Because I spend days on research and writing blogs and it is not a wise move to spend days on email marketing tools. So I go with tools that save a lot of time and are easy to use. I hope you find this article helpful.

If you have any questions leave a comment or send me an email; I would more than happy to help you. Cheers!

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