Top 10 Upcoming Games in 2020 for PC Gamers

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In the coming year there are plenty of incredible games for PC. For the game overs we bring some of the 10 upcoming games you will be encountered. There are various forms starting from upcoming triple-A games to highly hyped gems for passionate game lovers.

Basically you will find various platforms of your choice like Epic, Steam, Origin or Uplay. In addition to this there are plenty of games to be added in your wish list.

We bring you some of the best upcoming games in 2020 for PC:


It’s a kind of game which is best to sharpen our appetite relating to destruction. Maneater is a game in which you will be inside a shark body. After that you will be allowed to territories the coast and eats everything coming in its path.

The exciting part of this game is that you can explore lush underwater landscape. In addition to this, you will explore lying in vast oceans, shipwrecks and nosing about in swamps. Maneater is a single-player action RPG. It enables you to customize and upgrade your shark while you are playing.


Outer Wilds is another game which you can get in touch in the upcoming year. This is a usually a space-based action- adventure game. This game is all about a mysterious solar system trapped in an endless time loop. Players involving in the game have to search for answers in a constantly moving solar system.


This game is something different from other games and very exciting as well. Those Who Remain is a psychological horror in which you will be in Dormont. It is normally an American town that mysteriously turned into a ghost house town. Various strange creatures roaming around streets and there is a kind of danger in every door.

You can make yourself safe by staying in the light. Amazing things about this game is dimensional portals, deadly darkness and pressure of life-threatening decisions. This keep you engage in this game and hold your seat till end.


This game is published by 505 games which is currently a PlayStation. This particular game revolve around Sam Porter. This is all his mission to save the humanity from various kinds of creatures and super natural events.


This is an amazing game which was originally released on 2005, but now coming with a remake version. If you want a different kind of platform then this can be the best game for you. Just imagine about an alien and have the power to rule with powerful weapons and psychic powers.

This game is all about humans using an assortment of alien’s weapon and psychic abilities.

Game lovers will be very excited with this kind of legendary alien invasion action-adventure.


New World is one of the exciting upcoming games in 2020 which you will fall in love with. It is an interestingand beautiful game from Amazon. In this game the players are set against the dangers of the warriors from other side and magical land in addition to other players. Explore this game with the danger, beauty and opportunity in every phase.


This is a wonderful game where you have to save the life of Arizona. You will be a desert ranger and fight a losing battle to keep Arizona alive. Meanwhile you get to build bases, give training to the recruits and save out your surroundings.

You have to control all total six rangers customized with various twist and advantages to your personal play style. Wasteland 3 is all about to release and all set to have fun.


We bring another upcoming game which is Iron Harvest. It is all set for the game lovers who are passionate about the battlefield. This game is basically an alternate reality after the completion of a great war. You will be playing in the battlefield surrounded with giant dieselpunk mechs and an amazing technology.


This is an excellent choice for Avenger’s lovers. It is developed by Crystal Dynamics which focusses to save the world even after the Avengers have been separated. This game is all about the super heroes on a mission to save the world which can be played both as single and in team.

So what are waiting for, become the Avengers and protect the Earth against the danger. Marvel’s Avengers is a wonderful upcoming game to be loved by game lovers.


If you are very fond of games, then you may be knowing about the Battle Royale game. If you think that it is quite same then you are wrong. Blazing sails is the way beyond than just Pirate Battle Royale. Here you get to create your own pirate ship and fight in the high level of sea. It really look great in comparison to other games such as sea of thieves.

Hope this article helped you to figure out some of the 10 best upcoming games on PC. Choose your own kind of game and set on to have maximum enjoyment. 

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