5 Tallest Buildings in India

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5 Tallest buildings in India

Major big cities in India are going through massive constructions rising day-by-day. With thousands of high-rises and more than 100 tallest buildings are under construction. These tall buildings and monumental land marks prove that how the country is urbanized. We can encounter hundreds of tall monuments and buildings in India.

Here are 5 tallest buildings in India, which represents the particular landmark of respective cities: Let’s check out one by one:

5 Tallest Buildings in India:

5. Kohinoor Square:{203 mt, 666 ft.}

Tallest buildings in India
Kohinoor Square – Shivaji Park, Dadar West Mumbai – Maharastra

Kohinoor Square was completed in the year 2013, is a mixed-use skysaper in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. It is a 52-storay semi twin building complex. It comprises both the main skyscraper and a resident skyscraper and are used as Houses, Hotels, High-end shopping mall and residences.

It is known to be the first skyscrapers in India to achieve a leadership in Energy. This building also achieved a remarkable name in achieving Environmental Design gold rating for environmental sustainability.

4. Lodha Bellissimo: {222 metres 728 ft.}

Tallest buildings in India

Lodha Bellissimo is also yet another residential complex constructed by Lodha Group of Mumbai. It consists of 53 floors. It is situated in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

This construction was completed in the year 2012, having three towers A, B & C. It is known to be one of the tallest building in India under the Lodha Group of Mumbai.

3. World Crest: {223 mt, 732 ft.}

Tallest buildings in India

World Crest is one of the super tall residential building in Mumbai under the construction in Lower Parel. This project can cost up to 20 billion, ie. {US $ 310 million} and more likely to be completed in the year 2015.

It is at the height of 223 mt and has 57 floors as per the plan. Due to this reason, it deserves to be in our list of India’s tallest buildings.

2. Ahuja Towers: {250 mt, 820 ft.}


Tallest buildings in India

Ahuja Towers is a an under construction building which was planned to be completed in

2014, but not yet done. It is situated in Prabhadevi, Mumbai with 53 floors. It is a residential   skyscraper complex in Mumbai.

1. The Imperial, Twin Towers: {254 mt, 833 ft.}

Tallest buildings in India

The Imperial Twin Towers is the tallest building in India, located in Tardeo, South Mumbai. It is a twin-tower residential skyscraper complex having 61 floors. The construction of tis building was completed in the year 2010.

This building has a private observation deck at the top of each building by the cone spires. It is not open to the public in general. The Imperial, Twin Towers is designed by Mumbai Architect Hafeez Contractor. This is one of the most recognizable project till date and considered to be the Mumbai’s tallest towers.

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