How to get an SSL certificate for a WordPress site?

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How to get an SSL certificate for a WordPress site?

Do you realize that you need SSL Certificates so that it can be information that can be exchanged between the visitors and the website? We will help you in the above article. You will come to know how to get this SSL Certificate, how to install it for your wordpress site. Most importantly, we will guide you as to where you must go for it. 

How to get an SSL Certificate for WordPress Site:

It’s a little bit complicated and takes a longer time to get an SSL Certificate and install it. As you all know “it’s better to wait for the best things”. Therefore, you must find the Best SSL Certificate Provider and the right SSL Certificate for maximum assurance of website security.

A wrong or improper installed certificate can no longer protect. Instead, it will be harmful to your website. So, it’s crucial that you make your decision wisely in selecting the right provider. After finding the best kind of SSL Certificate, you can then get started with the process. 

Few Steps to Get the SSL Certificate and Install it to WordPress Site:

Select a Certificate AuthorityCertificate Authority (CA) is an organization that is essential to get the SSL Certificate. The CA examines the type of encryption you are seeking. They are responsible for issuing the Certificate after your application is approved. In addition to this, you will also get authorization.

When it comes to choosing the CA, we bring you some of the trusted CA’s that can help you:


Comodo offers you different ranges of SSL Certificates with several types of categories. Some of them are:

  • OV Certificates
  • DV Certificates
  • Wildcard Certificates required to cover your domain and subdomains in your website.
  • EV certificates is mainly for ensuring a high level of security.


Global Sign is yet another excellent idea for both single and multiple website owners. It is also ideal for wordpress developers to manage multiple websites. They also provide various packages like:

  • DV SSL certificates
  • OV SSL certificates
  • EV SSL certificates
  • Wild Card SSL certificates
  • Multi-Website SSL certificates.


GoDaddy is considered to be the most trusted provider with high-quality web hosting and domain name services. It also provides all the types of certificates as the above given by the Comodo and Global sign.

All the Certificate that is issued by GoDaddy includes the 2048-bit encryption and SHA-2 that is very much in demand today.

Through this Certificate, you will able to protect unlimited services. 

  1. Need to purchase and Verify the SSL Certificate

Once you have got your kind of SSL Certificate, you can proceed to purchase it. After the verification process is initiated, the documents are also verified by the SSL certificate company.  

After the complete verification and approval from your CA, you can download your SSL certificate files. 

  1. Install your SSL Certificate

Installing the SSL depends on where you received the SSL certificate. In case if you have one from your current web hosting provider, then they may update the installation once it is finally approved. So check the web hosting company to see whether they are willing to resell it or not before purchasing yours. 

  1. Validation mainly required for the working of an SSL Certificate.

The next step is to logout from WordPress. Check the address bar to confirm that the SSL Certificate is displaying and all the essential features are present there or not. These are HTTP address, Padlock, Business name, Green address bar. 

  1. Update Links to your website

The best thing about installing an SSL certificate to your website is that you can transfer your website from HTTP to HTPPS.

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