Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence has been of great good for everyone. Giving the human level of thinking to a machine can allow all the tasks to be accomplished, which can take a long time for humans to complete. Artificial intelligence is an excellent thing if used wisely, but excess to anything can lead to a lifelong danger. Artificial intelligence has its pros and cons which we will be


Pros Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used all over the world to do tasks at a way faster speed than that of humans. Moreover, the knowledge of humans integrated with machine learning has resulted in a pearl of eternal wisdom and have given perfection

and efficiency to machines which humans lack in. 

Lesser Chances Of Error

With humans doing work, there are more chances of committing repeated errors. While with artificial intelligence, there are zero to negligible chances of possessing in error. However, earlier, the machines’ problems were that they could not think like humans, so they would not be able to work like that of humans. But with artificial intelligence, machines can think and work like a human at very fast

speed than that of humans, and are prone to commit fewer errors.

Work Can Be Done At A Fast Speed

Humans can never compete with machines in terms of speed. Many companies introduced

the use of artificial intelligence for the manufacturing of their products. This not only speeds up the process but also allowed them to produce more products then they used to before AI. 

Machines Cannot Get Tired

Machines cannot get tired, and like humans, they need not have a sleep to carry their tasks the next day they can continue working for as long as you want. This is one of the significant advantages of artificial intelligence that make it work all the

time. This can be beneficial for factories producing large units of products as

they involved using high labor.

Working Cost Can Be Reduced

A large number of employees work in factories and companies which cost a high division of salary. However, if artificial intelligence is used in place of humans, then this can cut off the amount spend on employees for doing a task.

Decision Making

Decision making can be easy with artificial intelligence because machines will follow

rational decision making. With humans, decision making can involve emotions

somewhere, whereas, with machines, it is not the case. Thus, machines will make decisions based on the data given to them. 

Benefit In Medical Field

Some surgeries require greater precision and can be life taking with the smallest of negligence. Machines can perform operations precisely. Some diseases are contagious, and while performing the treatment, doctors can also catch the disease, whereas machines cannot get infected with any kind of disease.


Artificial intelligence has a more significant benefit, but its excess can be dangerous too. However, there are more benefits than disadvantages, but some people can use artificial intelligence in a wicked way.

Increase the rate of unemployment

With machines and artificial being taken into use, unemployment will be a great issue in the future. Machines will replace humans and will be more efficient than that of humans. With the growth of artificial intelligence in the near future, factories will start bringing machines into effect rather than

humans. Having so many advantages, such as negligible expenses, high work rate, and efficiency, no rest time, and perfection in every task done, the use of

artificial intelligence will replace human employees.

Can Be The Cause Of Destruction

Humans cannot win the battle with machines, especially if they have their thinking power as that of humans. Giving the machine ability to think can somewhere lead them to think about and be the cause of destruction. Humans do think about destruction, and there can be no surety that machines will not do the same. Though machines can possess the thinking power as that of humans, they can never have emotions like that of humans. This is another reason why machines with artificial intelligence can stay firm on the though of human destruction and disrupting the world’s peace.

No matter how advantages are there of artificial intelligence, but having excessive usage can be destructive as well. Artificial Intelligence should make world a better place to live in, not to be used to create chaos.

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