5 Best Personal Cloud Storage You Can Buy

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Best Personal Cloud Storage You Can Buy

Nowadays, more personal cloud storage is being brought into use in day to day life and offices. It is due to the reason that they are efficient in terms of storage factors. There are many reasons you should opt to go for personal cloud storage instead of hard drives, and one of them is that it will be an ideal way for you to share your data with your team easily. With personal cloud storage, one can easily share and access data with each other even when the storage is not present physically, unlike all the hard drives and physical storage systems, which only allow sharing one by one and not all. With personal cloud storage, you need not worry about the data getting lost after your device has been broken. Although with external hard drives, you too have the same portability of data once the drive is lost, the data will also be lost forever. Moreover, for areas with frequent electric cut off, you can be sure of your essential data being safe when there is no electricity. Another reason why people opt to go for cloud storage is the cost-cutting factor. With spending less money, you will be getting extra storage with a personal cloud storage system, which is impossible with external hard drives. 

Synology DiskStation DS218j Network Attached Storage Drive

First, on the list, we have NAS drive Synology, which is a good choice if you opt to go for a personal cloud storage device. With this, NAS storage is not going to be a problem at all, no matter where you are. Even at the instances where you have forgotten to take your storage drive with you, you need not worry about getting the data. This feature can be useful when you travel and want to do some work in between, but you are not carrying your drive with you, which does have essential data on which you need to work. Talking about the NAS’s specs, it has a 2x 14 TB drive and a 512 MB DDR3 RAM. With super-fast data transfer, you need not worry about the transfer time. Coming to the USB port, the storage system has 2x USB 3.0 ports for writing and reading data.  

With an easy filesharing and monitoring system, you need not worry about the syncing of the data. You can sync your data without storage with you and make your home a media hub to stream music, videos, and movies without having to connect the storage device physically. Moreover, with personal cloud storage, using surveillance tools will not be an issue anymore. Surveillance tools such as cameras require a storage device to record and save all the data, and with this NAS by Synology, you will be able to access the recordings from anywhere. 


  • 28 TB storage
  • 512 MB DDR3 RAM
  • 2X USB 3.0 ports
  • Sync your files easily
  • Sturdy and durable design

WD My EX-3 Cloud Diskless NAS

Storage devices by WD have always been good, and yes, this one too is good if you are looking for a personal cloud storage system. This NAS system comes with 1 GB of RAM to provide users with faster transfer speed. You can also be reliable on this cloud storage to be completely safe when you store data on it. One of the most common threats when storing data online is the hacking of the system and theft. This WD, My Ex-3 cloud diskless NAS, offers volume encryption and password protection to enhance the security of the data of the users. With their enhanced cloud services, you will be able to access your files anytime and anywhere without having the disk physically with you. You can access the data and have the backup even when you don’t have the drive physically with you. The personal cloud storage by WD is powered by Cloud OS 3, which is meant for setting up personalized features. 

Moreover, the drive comes with 256 AES volume encryption for MAC as well as windows supported devices. With the encryption, you will be able to protect the data that is present on your system. Also, the app supports streaming media online. Through the Plex streaming server, you will not only be able to stream your media but also organize all the data you want to play. With automatic sync available, you need not worry about the content not being up-to-date. Automatic synchronization of the storage allows you to sync between the data of all your systems. 


  • High-performance file sharing and syncing
  • Enhanced volume encryption for data protection
  • Multiple RAID option available
  • Media streaming available over Plex network
WD My EX-3 Cloud Diskless NAS

Western Digital My Cloud Diskless Expert Series 4-Bay NAS

If you are looking for a NAS system for running a small business that can be used to transfer data between a few systems, you can go for this WD NAS. Coming at an affordable price, this NAS is meant to be the backbone of the file system of all the small business with not so high budget. The NAS is powered by a dual-core processor having a frequency of 1.6 GHz. Talking about the RAM, it has a 2 GB RAM. Streaming made it easy with this NAS because you need not worry about streaming all the media stored on the cloud storage, be it movies or games, with a Plex media server, you can stream your content anytime anywhere.  

This NAS system has been certified for enhanced and comprehensive data protection, so you need not worry about any data theft. With ARCUS surveillance software, you can monitor the security camera of your phone and keep an eye on all the intruders entering your house. There are two gigabit Ethernet ports to allow you to sync and stream content easily. Moreover, with one-touch button functionality, this NAS allows you to back up all the media and data files on any external storage device attached to the system. 


  • Dual power supply to guard your data when one power input fails. 
  • Copy external storage devices with just one click. 
  • Added home surveillance option.
  • Stream your content without any interruption.
  • Centralize your content with easy to sync technology.
  • Add multiple layers of protection to your content.

Netgear ReadyNAS 214 RN2 4-Bay Diskless

Now on the list, we have this Netgear NAS storage system, which is also a power NAS if you are looking for one to power up your small business. This is a diskless NAS, with 4 BAY to inset drives in it. Talking about the performance, it has a Quad-core Cortex A15 1.4 GHz processor coming with a 2GB of RAM to give seamless transfer of data between the devices. Also, it supports 1080 content streaming over the wire. 

Coming to the protection offered by this NAS, the Netgear NAS offers five layers of protection and volume encryption with antivirus installed to prevent intruders from accessing the data on the cloud storage without your authorized access. With automatic sync technology, this NAS ensures that your data is always backed up from your mobile and your PC. It also centralizes your data, allowing you to access data of all your systems within one PC or mobile device. Whether you have the NAS with you, you can easily back up your content and keep it safe on the cloud storage even if your device is damaged. Over the cloud syncing allows users to keep a backup of their data on the cloud storage without having the drives physically present with you. 


  • Stream Full HD content with a wired connection.
  • Five layers of protection to protect your data from intruders.
  • Power your business
  • Centralize your data
  • Sync your content from all your devices easily.
  • Enhanced performance for faster transfer of data.

Western Digital My Cloud Expert Series 4-Bay 24TB NAS

Last but not least, we have on the list this WD NAS with 24TB of storage. With this NAS, you need not worry about limited storage. The best part about this Western Digital is that it is easy to install and is ready to use with a one-click setup. The one-touch button is another feature that you should look for when going for a NAS. This NAS has a one-touch button, which allows users to back up all the content from their phone and PC by pressing the button. With this feature, you can easily centralize your data, making it easier for you to access it from any of your devices. The variant comes in two different variants, one with 16 TB and the other one with 24 TB of storage. With an intuitive dashboard, you can keep an account of all the data uploaded or streamed from your cloud storage network. Also, with dual Gigabit Ethernet port, you can experience the seamless streaming performance of the storage system. With added software to enhance home surveillance, you can keep an eye on your home’s security checks, such as security cameras, to prevent anyone from entering your house without your permission. The WD NAS system does allow arranging of data over its cloud network. So, if you like to stream the data from the cloud storage, you can easily arrange it to have easy access to all the content.


  • ARCUS software to enhance home surveillance
  • Stream your content with dual Ethernet port
  • Sync the content between your devices easily
  • Dashboard to keep a watch over syncing and streaming of the content
  • Added protection to your content. 

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