People Per Hour – How to Get More Jobs Using This Platform?

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What is People Per Hour?

People Per Hour is a website that aims to connect businesses with freelancers. The main mission of the company is to debunk the boring and hectic 9 to 5 job life and help people to get paid per hour or by the project.

This company was founded in 2007 with the vision to connect freelancers with businesses and has solved more than one million problems so far. You can find more about People Per Hour in their about page.

How does People Per Hour Work?

People Per Hour - How to Get More Jobs Using This Platform?
Image Credit – People Per Hour

In People Per Hour, businesses can post their requirements with either hourly or project based price to hire expert freelancers.

Once the project is posted it will be visible to all the relevant freelancers’ feed, with a specific algorithm that will show most relevant jobs to the freelancers using the mentioned skills in their BIO.

Freelancers start bidding on the projects with their hourly or fixed rate and the employer shortlists the best then awards the job. The process is quite simple, fast and reliable because of escrow facility.

How to Secure More Freelancing Jobs Using People Per Hour?

People Per Hour - How to Get More Jobs Using This Platform?, peopleperhour

I have been using UPWORK since a long time which is kind of similar to People Per Hour. And I have secured a lot of high paying clients using few simple methods.

I will share all the secrets here. Make sure you go through them all and boost your conversion rate by securing more and more clients.

  1. Do not start if you are not ready:

    If you do not have a profile that is 100% complete and professional then stop wasting your bids or connects.
  2. Don’t use a casual Image: I have tested this, You are on a b2b platform do not use photographs wearing shorts. Use a clear sharp image wearing a shirt and having a confident smile.
  3. Add as many skills as you have: Start with a broad audience. Add as many skills as you have. Sometimes it helps you rank your profile in the search tab for different keywords. i.e a marketer who knows how to do SEO and SEM can rank for both keywords.

  4. Add results & testimonials: Do not have any reviews to show at the start? Add previous results of other clients and testimonial screenshots.
  5. Keep a Portfolio Ready: When it comes to online platforms like People Per Hour and Upwork; clients always ask for a portfolio. Because they know they are going to pay someone who they will never see in person. Therefore they must verify your expertise to ensure the best results for their business.
  6. Do not copy-paste proposals: Proposal is probably the most important one when it comes to securing more and more jobs on People Per Hour. Make sure you read the requirements of the client then add a relevant proposal which will make the client feel that they are dealing with an expert, not a robot.

  7. Bid with consistency: Don’t just post and ghost. Stay on the platform, bid regularly, and wait for the clients to respond.

  8. It takes time: Getting a good project over Upwork or People Per Hour sometimes takes weeks and months. Have patience. Keep up the consistency and the result will flow.

    Happy Bidding 🙂

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