Namecheap Review: A Must Read Before Buying Namecheap Domain, Hosting or SSL

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NameCheap Hosting Review:

Reseller Hosting with Namecheap

Origination of the Namecheap was founded back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Since then, it had gained near about millions of customers. Now talking about Namecheap game (sorry, couldn’t resist) are the domain names which are under its control.
Let’s find out what is the matter with Namecheap?
Before giving the facts about Namecheap, it’s necessary to know some of its best features.
Check out one by one:

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  1. Migration and free domain
    Namecheap is best for domain names. So if you plan for hosting your website then you will get it in an easy manner. And in case you already possess a website you can even migrate your service for free.
  2. Speed in Loading
    The second most feature is speed. Namecheap has the capability of posting a speed that is quite better in the industrial sectors.
  3. Money-back guarantees in 30 days.
    Namecheap offers the service with a 30-day money-back guarantee which is appreciable. It will be good for you to see whether the service is good or not. If it doesn’t work for you then, you can back out and try for another alternative.
  4. A good amount of Value-Plan
    Namecheap is capable of providing bandwidth at a lower price. In addition to this, they also give you the liberty to use cPanel and WordPress.
    You will also be able to get twice-a –week backups whenever you are updating a new site.
    The best thing is you will have three websites which are helpful if you have more than one site like personal or business and many more. More than that you are getting numbers of email addresses that will save your time and money.
  5. Reviews from third-part are excellent
    Namecheap has an amazing 4.6-star rating on Shopper reviewed, basing on millions of views. So, this can excite anyone to start this hosting.

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Some of the facts related to Namecheap Domain Hosting
• Gives you unmetered bandwidth for three websites in the first year at $1.44/month.
• If you are proceeding for the second plan of $2.44/month, it increases the disk space to unmetered in the first year.
• The biggest Namecheap plan has an SSD disk space of 50GB, which is quite enough for unlimited websites and only $4.44/month.
• The domain is of free.
• It is very easy to sign up.
• You can pay through Credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, dollar.
• Account activation is done very fast.
• It’s very easy to install popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, etc.
There are two important things that you should keep in mind.

  1. This offer is particularly for purchasing hosting. The promotional price is only valid for the first 12 months. And after the annual payment the hosting service will be renewed at a regular rate. Upgrades and downgrades will be implemented only at the renewal full price.
  2. Our ultimate package like unmetered disk space is available to you. But the disk space is only for the website and not for any other purpose.
    So basically we do not recommend Namecheap Domain Hosting. Here’s the reason:
    In spite of providing the service at a lower price but still, it lacks other factors such as the rise of renewal price. Especially, when it comes to the poor uptime and inactive customer service.
    There are other options which are far better than for the same price.
SSL Certificate for just $8.88 with Namecheap

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