John Titor the time traveler a real story or hoax?

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John Titor the time traveler a real story or hoax

There are so many mysteries in the past which very few of us are aware. One of such is related to a person named “John Titor”. He was viral forclaiming to be from the future and even predicted for the end of the world. But later on all of a sudden he disappeared which surprised everyone and was never heard again

There was a poster that goes with the name “Time Travel and John Titor” on various message boards, started with a forum The Time Travel Institute. Through this message, he claimed to be the soldier sent from 2036, in the year, in which computer virus smeared the world. His only mission was to go back in 1975 and achieve the IBM 5100, in order to fight the future virus as it was the only necessary equipment to do so.

Later on for few months, Titor answered every questions in the form of poetically-phrased words describing alternate realities also exists. And it is more likely that his reality may be his own but not ours. He also provided different technical specs regarding how actually, Time Travel works He added to prove his claims by adding a complex algorithms and rough, even very difficult to make out his photos of his actual machine. Not only this, he even revealed about his futuristic military insignia.

Above all thee on March 24, 2011, John offered his final report of advice as, “Bring a gas can with you when the car dies on the side of the road.” After this incident he was never heard again.

Let’s discuss more about this incident as where actually this mystery originated:

In the year 2003 one of John Titor’s fan, Oliver Williams, launched representing Titor’s predictions and numerous unsubstantiated theories was none other than himself. These predictions were the collection of all total 151 posts. In the year 2004, members of George Mason University organized a multimedia rock opera as per Titor.In 2011, the summary of the tale at gathered over 103,000 hits. As per the statement of IMDB, a feature-length regarding Titor is considered to be in the pipeline. That should have been apparently dismissed as a four-month hoax. As it was showing some nerd killing time at his uninteresting temp job transferring into a phenomenon.

After all these kind of shows, in 2003, JOHN TITOR FOUNDATION, a for-profit Limited Liability Corporation published JohnTitor: A time Traveler’s Tale, a bound copy of message board posts. This case was taken by The Italian Investigative TV show, Voyager in 2008, hired a private eye to find out the folks behind LLC. There was even a search that led back to a lawyer Lawrence Haber, being listed as the company’s CEO. This case was uncovered by Amateur sleuth John Hugston, who is also known as “Razimus” that belongs to LLC.

In this investigation, a group of friends, between the celebrations of the production company checked out the PO. Box and actually found nothing. This proved that, JOHNTITORFOUNDATION.COM was created providing some sort of meaningless secret code to digital passerby.

So out of all these discussions and claims we can know that, The John Titor Story was just popular as it happen to be a hoax. If at all Titor was not a leading conspiracy-minded white dudes in their post graduate period of boredom and confusion proving it to be a mystery.


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