How to Download GIFs From Giphy – Ultimate Guide!

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How to download GIFs from Giphy

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files provides a suitable way to share information, expressions, and instructions over Internet. As a GIF is a collection of multiple frames that are played successively, that looks like a short animation clip.

You have various ways to create your GIF, and many website work in full-fledged having vast collections of these files from all the categories. GIFs can be shared easily on almost all social networking platforms through a unique link generated as they are published on these sites.

Apart from sharing these GIFs, you can even save it on your PC and using them offline as per your requirement.If you want to know, how to download a GIF file from your favorite websites then, stay tuned with us. Let us find out how you can proceed with this.

Here are few steps to follow to download Gifs from Giphy:

Download a GIF on a Windows Computer:

About Giphy, The website has various sections that contain numbers of GIFs for their particular fields. For example, the reactions category on GIPHY has various animated GIFs representing expressions in various ways, animals and objects etc. You can easily download GIFs from GIPHY on your Windows PC and it is more smooth if has the latest version.

Important device to Note: More often, the GIFs downloaded as *.webp. That are very small in size but capable of offering goof picture quality. In this regards, you can always make use of an efficient device such as Wonder share uniconvertor to convert * .webp to* gif.

Steps to download Gifs from Giphy:

  1. Go to GIPHY and click a GIF

First of all, you need to open a web browser, go to After this, select a category from the top. Then click on the thumbnail of the GIF file you wish to download.

  • Click Save Image once you right-click the GIF

Then, right-click the GIF that you have clicked in the previous step. Finally save the Image as present in the context menu so as to open the save image box.

  • Click Save after typing a name

To go to the folder you want to save the GIF, use the save image box. Then you need to enter a name for the file in the filename box. But you should make sure not to change the extension. Click save to download the GIF and you are done to save it in your PC.

Some extra information related to downloading the GIFs from the GIPHY:

GIPHYcontains a built-in convertor which helps you to download the GIFs in MP4 format in order to play it on your PC’s media player. No media player supports them if they are not converted as the GIFs are not treated as video files. So for downloading as MP4, click on GIPHY. Then click on Media present in the left side of the panel. Click copy next to the MP4 field. Then you need to open the copied link in a new tab. Then after right-click the GIF and click save video as from the context menu and finally save the GIF in MP4 format.

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