How to Start Blogging – A Complete Step by Step Guide

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How to Start Blogging?

There are two reasons you are willing to start a blog, either you have a passion that you want to show to this world or you want to take it as a career. Am I right?


In this article, I will give you the ultimate guide to start blogging.  Either as a part time or as a career.
You will learning everything. From purchasing domain to setting up hosting and starting with article ideas to write. Sit tight, this is going to be a  long one.

Phase 1:- 

Selection of Niche-

The very first thing to do before starting a blog is to decide which niche you are going to write on. It can be travel, fashion, business, news or digital marketing or anything that fascinates you and makes you feel passionate. If you are not passionate about your niche you can’t go a long distance with your blogging career. Because passion leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to articles like this one.

Phase 2:-

Buying Domain Name

You need a domain name, yes you do. Free blogs suck. They do not have credibility or authority. A lot of people on YouTube say that start with blogger but I am against it.  A blog should be professional and appealing so that the readers will spend maximum time on time.

Can you compare between a free book and a paid book? Similarly  paid domain hosting will give your blog a branding make over. So do not skip that part. I will share my domain hosting company details so that you can go ahead and purchase the same.

While buying a domain make sure that the domain name is short and brand able. GraphBuzz sounds cool and is short. But is not. Avoid using syntax domains like


Pick a clean and memorable domain. We all remember  TechCrunch & Mashable but it is hard to remember so be aware of that.  You should always choose a .com domain for blogging. Why? It helps with international search engine ranking. If you buy   .au or .in or .pk domain names ; the search engine assumes it a country targeted or geo targeted domain. But .com is always international.


Phase 3:-

Purchasing Hosting & Choosing CMS

In this phase, we will purchase a hosting. I would always recommend a long term and unlimited hosting.  Now you must be thinking why?

If your visions are short term then you are going to end up losing the blogging game. Keep long term visions. There are billions of blogs out there. To stand out and earn out of it,  you need time. So buy hosting for at least 3-4 years, keep a long term vision, and do not think about giving up.

I am using HOSTINGER 4 Years Hosting With WordPress as CMS. You can do the same. It works like a charm.

An unlimited hosting helps you to get unlimited traffic to your website and never goes down if the website traffic is high. So never compromise on this part.

The CMS to be WordPress and only WordPress.  Because it is the King of CMS and it is user friendly. It is damn easy to write and publish articles through WordPress that it is in any other platform.

With few add-ons and plugins, you can create a super cool blog that is mobile friendly and SEO friendly at the same time. So always go with WordPress.


Phase 4:-

Content Ideas Generation

You got the domain, you have the hosting attached to it and you have the Wordpess logins. Now what?  You need articles, more and more articles.  And for articles you need content generation ideas.

I use few tools like AnswerThePublic, Quora, BuzzSumo etc to generate content ideas. You have to find what are the top queries that readers have in their mind within your particular niche. The above tools will help you to get it done.

Phase 5:-

Publishing & SEO-

Once you have bunch of articles published on your blog; go and submit your website in all the search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck GO Etc. For that you need to search for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster in Google search bar. Then follow all the procedure to verify the ownership of your website and you are ready to go.

Your website or blog will be found in search appearance of Google and Bing within 7-10 days of the submission.  All you have to do is to write SEO Friendly Articles; Which you can easily find out by checking YouTube or Google.

Use keywords in Title and Meta of each article. Do not try to spam. Just keep it real simple.

Phase 6:-

Monetizing Your Blog-

There are multiple ways to monetize your blog but I will only mention that works the best. Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs and Paid Endorsements.


You can implement Google Adsense for regular revenue, create several articles for affiliate commission and approach few brands for collaboration.

Keep in mind that the more relevant traffic you have the more money you earn. So focus on bringing in more and more traffic first then monetization will become a piece of cake.

Above all respect Google algorithms and never ever copy and paste duplicate content. Try to be unique in your own way and never ever quit before you see results.

Blogging is a marathon not a sprint. Hope this article was helpful.

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