How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Hello friends, this is Satrujit I am running a digital agency here in India named Digital Sashtra since 2015. I would be 100% honest with you guys in this article. I will share everything that I have experienced since 2015. And I will divide the article into 3 parts.


1st part will be “mindset”, 2nd part will be “hustle” and 3rd part will be “scaling”.

The Mindset:

First of all you have to make your self really clear why do you want to create a digital marketing agency? Just because it’s trending on YouTube? Or just because some digital marketing gurus are riding “Lamborghini” and “Ferrari” in their course intro ad videos?

They all pretend that it’s easy money you can do this you can do that. You can land clients who will pay thousands of dollars bla bla bla.

Let me tell you something, the do it to sell their $997 course. Shocking is not it? But this is their job. To bias the consumer. Have you ever seen those so-called digital gurus showing their income proof? Never ever! Because they know that selling a one time course is easier than providing results to a corporate client.

Now if you have the mindset of easy money, please do not start a digital marketing agency. Because it takes a lot of patience, lonely nights, investment, failure, and learnings.

When I started in 2015 I landed my first client within 10 days. It was damn easy at that time not anymore. In 2020 you can find a digital marketer or freelancer where ever you see. There were fewer digital marketers or agencies at that time. But demand was high. Clients used to hire immediately.

Nowadays when I bid a project or send a proposal, I realize that 25 other agencies have done the same. Indirectly it is kind of a war of proposals.

The chances of getting projects are like 2% or even less. To be honest. If you send 100 proposals 2 projects come in. Because a lot of clients won’t be having any budget and some won’t hire you because you do not belong to their country and bla bla bla.

Anyways if you still want to start a sustaining digital marketing agency, first of all, you have to change your mindset. There is no easy money in this industry. Sometimes you have to do a 100% refund if you cannot bring any results. So be prepared for the worst days from the start.

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The Hustle Phase:

In this phase you can’t understand what is really going on with you.
Sometimes you pick any project you get sometimes you feel like quitting and sometimes you wish you had a mentor.

That’s right. Get a mentor as soon as possible. I got my mentor in the 3rd year which was a bad decision but I could not afford one. Try to learn as much as possible and try to implement it as faster as you can. If possible work 10 hours to 15 hours a day but do not quit learning or implementing.

Find a mentor who can show your proof of earning, who can guide you in the darkest times.

Once you are hustling hard with the righteous mentor with you be prepared to build and leverage.

In the hustle phase I tried to do everything on my own. I wrote articles, I managed ads, I did SEO and just had a graphics guy with me. But sometimes I did graphics on my own when he was absent.

This was my biggest mistake, don’t repeat it in your agency model. Try to focus on 1-2 things and outsource the rest. You can never achieve excellence if you try to do everything. And a generalist has no scope to earn big bucks in this sector.

When it comes to top-level projects, clients always seek the best manpower. They avoid hiring generalists. So never be a generalist or an agency that does everything.

Provide services that you are 100% sure about bringing results to the client. Because if you don’t get the results they will start leaving you and you cannot retain them.

Focus on few services, deliver the best results and outsource what ever that does not fall in your expertise.

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The scaling phase:

It will take you 2-3 years deepening on your abilities to reach this phase. At this phase you would be 100% confident about retaining the clients and you are 100% sure that which method of marketing gets you the maximum leads and conversions.

But before you scale, you must have the right portfolio with you. A portfolio can be a landing page, a website or a PDF.

But I would recommend having a great looking website that has all your past works and results with some clear pictures about you and your team.

Trust me this creates a sense of trust and makes it easier to get large-sized clients. Just be at your client’s shoes and think, will you outsource your entire marketing to an agency that is not even having a website of their own? Of course not!

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Make sure you have a proper setup of tools, landing pages, websites, funnels, or anything that can be used to impress the client.

Above all, always be result oriented because in this field if you are bringing in results you are getting more and more business.

Now if you have some questions in mind like, how much can I earn if I start this digital marketing agency thing. Well, there is no limit if you have the right model. Never forget this line – “You can do everything but then you can’t do anything.” Never try to do everything on your own. If you want to scale then outsource.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions then comment below. You can also follow me on Instagram for a casual chat or for any business collaboration.


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