How To Make Cake In Minecraft? Recipe Explained!

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How To Make Cake In Minecraft

The cake is one of the eatables available in Minecraft. You can make and eat cake easily in Minecraft. The cake in Minecraft looks like a block of sponge with icing on the top of it and some cherries that are used for the seasoning.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while now, you might be well aware of making a cake in Minecraft. In this article, we will be discussing that you can make a cake in Minecraft.

Getting All The Material Required

You will need to have some items to start with the process of making a cake. Before you begin making a cake, you first need to ensure that you have all the essential items required to make the cake.

You will require three buckets of milk, one egg, two sugar, and three wheat. How to get all these items? Getting the milk is easy; get your character to hold the bucket and right-click on the cow, and you will get milk.

Eggs are laid by a chicken, and you can find them easily if you are keeping chicken on the farm.

You can either look for the eggs laid by the chicken in the wilderness. You will not get sugar in the processed form, but you can look around for its source. Sugar is made from sugarcane, and to get sugar, you will have to look around for sugarcane. Finding the wheat is also easy; you can get it in the dungeon chest.

It will be best if you are farming wheat. Farming the wheat allows you to get the wheat anytime you want. In Minecraft, wheels can be used for many things, such as making the base of the cake.

Making The Cake

Once you have gathered all the materials required, you can go ahead to making the cake. While making the cake, it is important to note that you will have to follow a correct pattern to make your cake successfully.

You will have to ensure that the items you are placing are being placed in the right grid. First of all, you will have to place three-bucket of milk on the top three slots.

You need to sugar, and you need to make sure to put it on the slots below the first one. As there are two sugar, place one on the right and the other on the left and leave the middle space empty.

Now in the space which you have left, place the egg. Now remains the three bottom slot in which you get to place the three wheat.

Now to move it to the inventory, drag the cake, and it will be ready. You will also see that the three empty bucked will return to the inventory, which was for the milk.

Eating The Cake

The cake you have made will have six slices, and you will not be able to eat it by holding the block. Also, know that you cannot place the cake where you cannot build. Right-click on the cake to eat one slice. You can also share the cake with your friends.  

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