How to know my Skype id?

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How to know my Skype id

If have your Skype account, it is necessary to track the user name and passwords.

A Skype Id is actually a Skype Name, which is system generated and used to connect others through Skype. This is not similar to your phone number or email which you use to sign in.

You may be thinking your Skype Id to be in your Homepage but it is actually two clicks away from that.

It is very important to access your Skype Id for giving any information to contact you. Without this it is very hard for the people to reach you.

Here we bring few steps to follow that will help you to find your Skype Id:

With various people who are working remotely in businesses has become necessary to know how to use Skype Id for an effective communication.

Steps to know my Skype Id:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture

After signing in, you will find Your Profile Picture, Click on it.

  • Then, Click on your Skype profile, which you will find in Manage. As a result the light will turn grey when you wait over the link.
  • Finally, you can have a look at your Skype Profile, where your Skype Id is being listed.

In this way, you can find your Skype Id and keep an eye on your Skype account.

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