How to install and play PUBG on a PC?

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image credit – PUBG

PUBG is the most popular game nowadays, creating a huge craze in the youth. It is a game consisting of a battle royale that was launched in February 2018. Since then it has been emerging as the best mode of entertainment. It has been one of the best mobile competitive game so far.  However, it was proved to be successful than its PC counterpart. It was very well received by India, where maximum are unable to afford a gaming PC. In fact PUBG was an ideal way to be occupied but still it has left certain features that need to be appreciated.

PUBG game has shown so many changes while gaming on their phones. You can enjoy this interesting game on your PC and have maximum fun. If you are bored of playing PUBG on your mobile and want to play it on your PC then do not worry. We bring some simple steps to enhance your game on PC.

The gaming experience is far better than mobile as you get much control from mouse and keyboard. The graphics you get is way better in comparison to the grainy appearance in smartphones. So, Tencent and PUBG found out the solution by allowing the users to play PUBG on their PC by the help of official emulator.

Through the utilization of emulator you get an amazing gaming experience as you get processing power of computer along with better control form mouse and keyboard. It’s not that tough to install it on your PC which is only because of the emulator offered directly by the makers.

Here’s how you can install PUBG on your PC:

  • Go to GAMELOOP and click download. Through this step, the emulator is being initiated.
  • Then, Run the profile that is downloaded, this will make the Gameloop Emulator will emulate PUBG mobile on your PC and will be added automatically.
  • The first page will be displayed on the emulator that includes all games with PUBG mobile as well. Click on it and tap Download. Have patience as it may take some time depending on your net speed.
  • Once it is downloaded completely, it will be included in My Games from that you now launch by double-clicking on it.
  • You can go for full screen or hit the cross shown on the right side top corner in order to get rid of emulator controls like screen recording or screenshot. You can even change the control settings. Once you are done with the implementation, you can also be asked to set the resolution.

So follow these simple steps and make your game more interesting and enjoy it on your PC. Especially, high graphics along with the combination of keyboard and mouse is something that makes it more entertaining.

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