How To Hack Free Fire?

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How To Hack Free Fire?

Hacking voids the gaming rule, making the gaming experience far less interesting. Not only can games like PUBG be hacked, but on the list is Free Fire, too. However, the game has less popularity than PUBG, but it is prone to hacking.

Like PUBG, you can get a Bluebox hack and wallhack, and you can also get a diamond hack for this one. So what involves hacking Free Fire? Is it safe to hack Free Fire? Well, hacking is never safe, and you should avoid doing it as much as possible.

Also, many of you might be thinking that hacking involves the rooting of the device, but it is not true. In this article, we will discuss how you can hack Free fire and get unlimited diamonds.

Types Of Hacks For Free Fire

There are multiple hacks available for Free Fire that one can apply to their account. But if you are using a hack for Free Fire, you need to be well aware of your account getting hacked.

So what are the different types of hack available for Free Fire? Let’s discuss different types of hacks available for Free Fire.

Wall Hack 

This is one of the most common types of hack that you can see while in a match. How can this be useful? Wallhack is a transparent cheat, and by using this hack, you will be able to locate your opponents even when they are behind the wall. When you are using this hack, your enemy’s location will be available even if they are hiding behind a thick obstacle.

No Recoil Hack

The only thing that can disturb your gameplay is the recoiling of the gun. Due to recoil, your bullets will never fly straight, and you will have to bring your gun back to position again to aim properly.

Recoiling is the problem with most of the guns you will be playing with. With having recoil hack, you will no recoil, and your bullets will go straight.

High Damage Hack

With this hack on your Free Fire, you will have relatively greater damage than that of the maximum damage set by Garena. Every gun has its maximum damage rate, which varies between every gun. Using high damage hack, you will be able to increase the damage of the guns more than set by Garena.

Auto Headshot Hack

Well, this hack can also be very useful to enhance your gaming. Ever wondered how it would be to have your every shot as a headshot. A headshot can kill enemies with just one shot at an instant. With this hack on, you will become difficult to be killed by anyone. With auto headshot hack, no matter where you shoot on the enemy’s body, the shot will be redirected to the head of the enemy.

Unlimited Bullets Hack

Unlimited bullets hack is also one of the deadliest hacks on Free Fire. Every gun you are using has a limit to the bullets you can carry and fire. With the limited bullet capacity, you will have to reload your guns again and again and can be challenging when you are in between a close combat battle.

With unlimited bullets hack, you will increase the bullet capacity of the gun you are using but make in infinite. With this hack on, you will not place the problem of reloading your gun in between a close combat battle.

Unlimited Diamond

Well, this hack is not dangerous like these hacks above but can be very useful.

Well, diamonds can be used to upgrade your weapons and buy all the premium items. With the unlimited diamond hack, you will be able to get unlimited diamonds, which you can use to buy skins and other premium items.

Use Of Diamond In Free Fire

Diamonds are the tokens of the game, which can be used to purchase all essential items such as packages and skins. Well, to get diamonds you will have to buy them in exchange for money.

Many people who have just started to play the game would be looking for the trick to get diamonds in Free Fire, and yes, there is a hack that can get you unlimited diamonds in Free Fire.

Having unlimited diamonds in PUBG allows you to unlock all the premium features of the game.

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds? 

First of all, you need to download the hack file for the game. There are many online sources available on the internet which can provide you with the legit crack file while some of them being fake as well.

You can download the hack file from here. Scrolling down on this link, you will find an option stating ‘download game.’ On clicking the option, you will be asked to paste the ad’s link, which was displayed above.

You can do this by clicking on the ad and copying the link from the place where you enter your website. Once copied, paste the link and click ok. Your file will start downloading.

Now extract the downloaded file and open it. You will see a subfolder inside it, click on it until you reach the final file. Copy the file, and visit the android folder in your file manager, and from there on data.

From the data search for the file name com.dts.freefire and open it. Then you will see two options upon opening the folder, files, and data. Click on the files and then, from there, visit the content cache folder.

After visiting the content cache folder, visit the temp. From there, click on Android and later on the single thread. After you have opened the Single Thread folder, click on CompulsoryFiles.

Then you will again see a subfolder, but this time only one. Open the folder and then paste the file which you have copied earlier. Open your Garena Free Fire app. Wait for some time, and you will see that you will receive unlimited diamonds that you can use to buy essential things.

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