How to Find Out Who is Hosting my Website?

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How to know who is hosting my website?


Well, it is a question that may come in the mind of most of you. There are many ways to make sure where your site is hosted. The following article will help you to get the web hosting information. So are you looking for an easy way to discover who is hosting your website? We bring you some very useful information regarding web host of your site. We assure that it will definitely work for you. With our free and easy to use on line services you will be able to know about web host information.

We offer accurate services which is low cost and effective for your business website.So stay with us to know information related to your website hosting.


Look for who is paying the bills:

At first, you must find out who is paying the bills. You need to check out your Account Payable Department and find out who they are paying every month or year for web hosting. It is an ideal thing to start with. As most of the website hosting is not for free. Moreover, your website hosting is included with the Internet connection, and your host could be internet service provider or your phone company.

You can find out by checking Online:

Various online tools are available that can you can use to check you website hosting information: Some of them are:

  • Who is hosting This – It help you to find out the IP address, host, name servers and other information.
  • What’s the site running- It gives you various information about the website that includes IP address, server technology and netblock owner.
  • DNS Stuff- This site can give you information related to domain name/ website.
  • Whois- It helps you to find out whose name domain is registered and the name servers with the domain name registrar.
  • Whois{}- It tells you about the name servers, domain name registrar and physical address.
  • Reverse IP Address Lookup- It will help you to find the IP address and more about server.

When you go for “whois” on your website’s domain name, you must get the contact names. You will beshown the Administrative Contact and technical contact. You will be able to look for the people you know and whether these contact names make any sense. You can then make a call or email them if required.

You can implement these ways and find out who is hosting your website. Hope it helped you!