How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube?

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Restricted Mode on YouTube is an optional setting through which you can watch any videos without any filter. Whether you are watching videos on your Computer, Android or iPhone set you can disable or enable restrict mode to filter out unwanted videos from your account.

Sooner or later you can turn it off as per your requirement. To disable restricted mode on YouTube is very easier and quick on your PC while keeping your login information manageable.

Here’s a complete guide on how you can turn-off or disable Restricted Mode on You Tube. We will guiding you completely for your Desktop, Android or iPhone.

Restricted Mode on YouTube enables the users to filter our certain mature content with the use of various information like descriptions, age restrictions, metadata and titles. It should be noted that, it does not work accurately and may slip in some cases.

Disabling the Restricted mode on your YouTube videos will block the comment section even for those videos that you are watching.

This happens when some administrations like universities and libraries may have turn-on the Restricted Mode. In this kind of situation, the one who has enabled it or the administrator himself have the power to turn it off.

Now, let’s move to our main concept as how you can disable the Restricted Mode on You Tube on your Desktop or using Mobile App.


  • It is easier and quick if you know exactly where to start.
  • Next, you need to scroll on the bottom of that particular menu and click, “Restricted Mode On”. You can turn it off whenever you required.
  • Finally, toggle the” Activated Restricted Mode” option off, as a result you can see the color changes from blue to grey.


Disabling the Restricted Mode on YouTube on your Mobile app is wayeasier and similar to YouTube on the Desktop version.

Only there is a little bit difference depending on the type of Phone you are handling. It may be iPhone or Android set on either case we are there to guide you.

  • At first open your YouTube app and tap your profile picture present at the top-right corner of the screen.

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