How to change the domain name of the existing website?

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 How to change the domain name of the existing website?

Changing the domain name of the existing website is not so common. However, in most of the cases, you may stick to what you are using in the current situation. But, when it comes to your brand reputation then, it is likely that you can change your decision. Some of the other factors can also make you change the existing domain name of your website. There are few reasons that can be a good decision for changing the domain name.

For instance, a particular domain name can suit your website or you may find a perfect suffix with a genuine reason. But unless, you need to follow some simple steps while changing the domain name, will not put an effect your clients and website.

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We bring you some of the reasons why you would like to change your existing domain name. After that, we will guide you as how you can change it. So, let’s get started!

Reasons behind changing the Domain Name:

Basically the domain name is very similar to your home address. Each website is run by a particular IP address. In fact, you are creating a record on a Domain Name System {DNS} when you are registering a domain. That DNS denotes to other people visiting your site as “Hey, if you visit this domain, you’re connecting to this particular IP address.”

It’s quite complicated situation, but a straight process indeed. Many of you may not change the domain name, thinking that their users may not get the site again. However, changing the domain name can also be beneficial in some aspects. Let’s check out what are they:

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  • Purpose for rebranding your website

Few cases exists where, you may be willing to change the entire image and name of your website. For this, you may require a new domain name to complete the process.

  • Better Communication for focusing your site

Just because you may not have any options and chose a Top-Level-Domain {TLD} like .com or .net, which is not idle for your website or you may not be no longer satisfied.

Thanks to the latest process of changing the domain name which is not that complicated. It will not only maintain the content of your website, but also be in touch with your regular visitors.

You just need to follow these simple steps to complete the process without any difficulty.

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How to Change the Domain Name for Existing Website:

We bring you the perfect way to change the domain name in 4 Simple steps. It includes more than just purchasing your new domain. Meanwhile it is also necessary to make it comfortable for your visitors. So, let’s focus on the main matter and look forward the steps to get started.

  1. Selecting a new domain name and assigning it to your website

First thing you can do is to select a new domain name, but make sure to make your decision wisely. After choosing a domain name, you are ready to register the domain name into your website.

  • Rebranding the design of your website
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In order to reflect your website you need to update your site’s design, as per your domain name. For instance, if your site logo is to be changed, but in some aspects it goes perfectly well.

  • Your About Page if your website has one domain name.
  • The website’s footer which basically consists the copyright information.
  • Most importantly, the tagline of your website, generally the texts that appears on the browser’s tab whenever you open it.
  • Any kind of miscellaneous connected with the content of your site.

Making such kind of alterations is moreover not so complicated. You just need to be assured that, all the references from your previous domain has been removed on your website before going ahead.

It is also very important for you to let your visitors be aware of the recent changes. So that they are not confused and unable to find your site.

  • Redirecting The Traffic to your new domain

This is the most important step you need while changing your existing domain name. In this way, you will not lose out any of your visitors that regularly visits your site or bookmarked the past address.

Once, you have redirect the page, just choose an option that reads Permanent {301} and the domain you want to redirect. Now, you have to type the URL, of the new domain to be registered and enable the setting which displays as, Redirect with or without www.

After clicking on the Add Button, you are ready to move forward. Now, when every time visitors visits your old domain will be immediately sent to the new one. But still, we would suggest you to keep both of them active unless there is maximum traffic in the new one.

  • Update the Users about the Rebranding
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At this, particular stage, when you have already possess a new domain name, now it’s time to let your users know about the rebranding. The users must have information about the new URL and other process whenever it is necessary.

This is very important as unless you follow this step, it can create lot of confusion among the visitors. As per our strategies we bring some simple ways to give the news to your users:

  • You can add an explanatory post in your website.
  • Make use of your social media accounts to keep your followers updated and linking them with the mentioned post.
  • Explaining the changed done in your site can be sent through the mail.

In this way you can change your existing domain name and rebrand your website.

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