How To Change Name In PUBG?

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How To Change Name In PUBG?

If you are already playing PUBG, you must be knowing that having a cool and unique username is how important for you to stand out and look different from all the other players.

But do you know how to change your name in PUBG? If you are new to PUBG and have already changed the name in PUBG once, then it might be difficult for you to change it again. Let’s discuss how you can change your name in PUBG. 

Have BP and Rename Card

BP is the token of PUBG to help you get all the skins and appearances and get some other premium advantages in PUBG. Similarly, a rename card in PUBG mobile is used to change your name to the one you want to.

So now, that question is how you can get BP and rename cards? You will have to earn BP as there’s no option as of now in PUBG to let your buy BP. There is a various method to let you are BP in PUBG. How to earn BP in the PUBG mobile?

You can earn it through playing matches, and completing daily logins, get BP from friends as a gift, logging into your social media accounts, also gives you BP, and some missions can help you get BP when you have completed them.

Getting a rename card is also essential, and that will be given to you after you have reached a certain level. Previously, players were given rename cards through missions, but not that’s rarely a case. You can also get rename cards from UC, which is also a token in the PUBG mobile similar to BP.

One cannot earn UC, unlike BP, so you will have to buy them. In exchange for 180 UC, you will get a rename card for yourself to change your name.

How To Change Name?

The very first you need to make sure is that you have a rename card with you; only then will you be able to change your name on the PUBG mobile. Either you level up to get the card or buy it from UC. 

  • Open your PUBG on your mobile phone and login to your account. After successfully entering the PUBG mobile, go to the inventory.
  • After visiting the inventory of your PUBG mobile app, click on the crate option. You will find the crate option on the right side of the screen.
  • Now you will have to search for your rename card and click on it. Click on the rename card and then click on the ‘Use’ option. 
  • Next, you will be asked to change your name to what you desire. Enter the username and click on ‘OK’. Now your name on the PUBG mobile is successfully changed.

Resetting Your Appearance

Apart from changing your name, resetting your appearance is also difficult for many people. If you, too, are planning to reset your appearance and finding it challenging to change it, then read ahead.

First of all, you need to have enough BP to reset your appearance. At least 3000 BP is required to change and reset your appearance. 

  • Open your PUBG mobile app and log in to your account. On the menu search and click on the inventory option. 
  • Therefore, you will find an option stating to reset your appearance. Click on it, and you will see that your character has returned to its default avatar. 
  • Once you have reset your avatar, you can make your desired changes as well. With the help of the BP, you can purchase all the dresses, shoes, and appearance essentials you want to. 
  • Once you have done with setting up your avatar, make sure to click on ‘OK’. Next, you will be asked to confirm your purchase. You will not be able to complete your purchase if you don’t have enough BP in your account. 

If you are not having enough BP, then earn it first by completing missions and participating in the battles. Once you have earned enough BP, head back to your inventory again, reset your appearance using the above method, and buy all the desired accessories and clothing with the help of BP. 

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