How to Change Domain Name?

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How to change domain name?

Do you want to change your Domain Name? We have the complete guide to help you.

When you are planning to change your domain name, you may have so many things coming to your mind. As you have done lot of things to make your brand popular in the market sector.

And at this particular situation many backlinks can even point to your website. At this crucial point you may not be willing to lose your ranking or any authority. However, you are in the position where the changing your domain name is unpredictable.

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Wondering what to do?

Do not worry, as we are there to clear all your doubts. Below article we will be mentioning the main aspects of changing the domain name. But, before that we would to inform you about your domain name can be changed without effecting SEO.

Reasons behind changing the Domain Name:

Before, we guide you about the process of changing the Domain Name, it’s really very important to know the reasons behind this. Changing a domain name is not that lighter matter to be taken, there must be some factors that will justify the changes to be done for your website.

Let’s checkout one by one:

  1. May be you want to change the extension:

At the initial point when you bought your domain name, there may be a chance you don’t have many options. You are likely to choose the one which you are not looking for. Some of the domain names like .net or .biz are not popular and gives less authority to your visitors. In the other hand websites like .com is way simpler to be remembered and can be easily searched by the visitors.

  • Change in your Business Name

This can also act as one of the reason of changing the domain name. In order to maintain an online brand reputation on a regular manner the domain name has to be changed as per your business name.

  • Bored of old domain name

As you may be willing to change your website and give a fresh look and design. This can surely be done when the domain name is being changed. But, before going through such changes, you must be very careful of the ranking and traffic availability in your site.

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How to Change Domain Name:

After all this necessary discussions, if you are positive to change your domain name, then get started by following the steps below. These steps will definitely decrease the risk of lost rankings.

  • Backing up your current website

Before changing the domain name, first thing you need to do is taking a backup of your website. This is very important as you will be requiring to test the content and the files to be intact. This will avoid any kind of potential downfall.

Therefore, while changing the domain name and avoid any such situation it is always suggested to back up the site on a regular basis.

  • Checking for Domain Penalties

This is another more important aspect to look upon. We would like to inform you that your new domain can be penalized. When you buy a used domain, it is a chance that it be of low-quality backlinks pointing to your site. All you need to reject such links before you get started with migrating the site.

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  • Migrate all your content

At this stage, when you are done with the basic things, it’s time to transfer your content to the new domain. If, you are capable of doing all these at once the, it can speed up the process and decrease the impact of negative SEO impact.

  • Redirecting the old pages

Then comes the next step of redirecting the old content and add URL redirects to your new site. You need to use a 301 redirect which is a permanent redirect that will migrate your SEO feature into the new site.

You can even make use of the plugin like simple 301 redirects if your site is based on wordpress. It must be noted that if you have some pages that no longer exists in your site then, you have to create an appropriate page so that it will not display a 4040 error page to the users.

  • Inform Google about your movement

Finally, we are at the last process. It’s the perfect time to inform Google that you have moved. You can start with either navigating the gear icon at the right-hand corner then, submitting the changed address within the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. This step will make Google alerts about your new location but make sure to complete the above steps positively.

You can even create a new sitemap in order to increase your website’s functionality. As per Google you need to create two sitemaps, as one for the new one and another for the older domain. But as the time goes you will notice that, the new domains are taking the place of older ones.

So, now you are all set to start with a new domain by following these necessary steps. Make sure to complete the process in a perfect manner to avoid any kind of error.

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