How to cancel Amazon prime subscription?

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All of you may be knowing that An Amazon Prime Membership enables you to cancel its subscription whenever you want to. You can even cancel as per your wish with few steps to follow in your account. No need to worry about the refund, as you will receive a full or partial refund depending on the usage.

If you wish to shop online on a regular basis, then Amazon prime is the better platform for you. You get a great benefit at the yearly payment of $119 (or $12.99 per month). You can avail advantage like free delivery depending on your location, music streaming, e-book reading, unlimited photo storage and last but not the least accessing Prime Video Library.

However, amazon Prime can save your lot of money if you are availing the benefits of its features.

Whatever may be the reason, canceling your Amazon Prime subscription is easy and simple. We bring you some simple steps to follow to do so:

How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription:

  1. At first log in your account on and navigate the top right corner available in the page. You will find personalized greetings on the page saying, “Account & Lists”.
  2. Click on “Your Prime Membership” present on the dropdown menu.
  3. Then, find the “End Membership and Benefits” option that is at the left side of the page. Just click on that option.
  4. Coming to the next step, where Amazon will try to remind you the benefits you are going to miss after cancellation. So, ultimately you got to decide for the cancellation option anyhow. Scroll down to find “I Do Not Want My Benefits” button and click on it.
  5. Amazon will finally follow up twice to confirm your membership cancellation. Then, you need to click on “Continue to cancel” and “Cancel Membership” on both the screens. This will make your account cancel.

Another thing to make a note that, as per Amazon, if you have paid for Prime Membership and not used any such benefits then, you are likely to get a full refund. In another scenario, if you have used the benefits then you will get partial payment. It will depend on the remaining time of your membership and the said benefits.

And if at present, you are not paying for Amazon Prime and are in the 30-day free trial then, you will no need to pay for your account and the refund will also not be entitled.

So by following these easy and straightforward steps, you can cancel your amazon prime subscription.

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