How To Become Invisible In Discord?

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Discord is a social media app that can be used for communicating with other gamers. Well, there are quite a few social apps that are developed for the sole purpose of establishing a successful gaming community. Discord is one of the most famous gaming community social media apps that allows you to chat with some of the most advanced features.

Why Use Discord?

Chatting on the gaming platform is easy, but that won’t be possible with every platform. So what if you are using a console that does not support chat? How will you chat with your friends?

This is the benefit of using discord, you can easily integrate it with your gaming console and chat with your friend. Let’s discuss some crucial reasons why you should prefer using discord.

Discord is free to use. Unlike most of the apps that are available to gamers, Discord is free to use. This is what makes discord one of the most popular communication apps for the gaming community. The most important thing to note about this app is that despite being free, there are no ads to be seen on the interface.

It helps you build a bigger community. There’s no limit to making a community in discord. For instance, even if you are 5000 members playing together, you can make a guild of 5000 members.

You will get all the features that should be there is a communication app, and if not, you can contact the developers, and they will roll it out with the next updates.

The next thing that should come to mind if you are planning to have a gaming community of your own is the security and reliability of the servers.

Most of the social apps are prone to hacking, which can get gamers to worry about their IP address is a hack. With using discord, you can be sure that your IP is safe from hacking.

Why Should You Go Invisible In Discord?

Going invisible is an option available in discord, which is safe as turning your chat off. Why people prefer to go invisible?

What’s the use of going invisible in discord? Invisible can be used when you want to stay logged in to your account but ignore all the messages and notification. When you have your status as active, you will receive messages that cannot be ignored.

By going invisible, you will be shown as offline and will not receive any message even when you have your account opened in your phone. Discord has 4 different status options, such indicated by color dots. The green color dot indicates you are online; yellow dot indicates you are idle, red dot indicate Do Not Disturb, and Grey means you are not online. 

This feature of discord can come handy when you want to play games without being disturbed by notifications and messages. As you will be invisible, users will not be able to see your profile in the active list and won’t message you even though you are logged in to your account.

Setting Your Self To Be Invisible In Discord:

There are four main status options in discord, online, idle, do not disturb, and invisible.

The first two status options are controlled by the server, whereas DND and invisible status are user-activated. So how can you set your status to be invisible? You can do it simply by clicking on your avatar.

You can find the avatar option on the lower left of your screen. Click on the avatar, and from the four status, click on invisible.

Once you have set yourself to have invisible status, you can play games browse discord without being seen as online to other people.
Not only are you allowed to be invisible, but there’s a lot more offered by discord. When going invisible, you will have the option to select the server as well for which you want to go invisible.

This can be helpful if you are planning for a game with some server. If you do not set the invisibility status for the server you want to be online, you will be able to chat and play with players from that particular server without getting disturbed by players from other servers.

Setting Custom Status Message:

When going invisible, you can set the custom message to be displayed on your profile. This will help your friends know why you are not online and replying to your message.

Not only this much, but you can also set the time for the message to appear on your profile, and after that time, the message will not appear.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Invisible Or Not?

Many users have questioned whether their invisibility status is detectable or not?

Will the person they are hiding from be able to know that they are invisible? No, one cannot tell that you are invisible or not. This is the best part about setting your invisible status because no one will be able to detect your status.

Hiding The Game Your Are Playing

By going invisible, you can hide your active status and the games you are playing. Discord allows you to show users what game you are playing as your status message. If you have set your current game to be displayed as your status message,

this can catch you up in the problem. Why so?

As you have set your game to be set to the status message, players will be able to detect whether you are using discord or not. So how to turn this feature off and hide what game you are playing.

To turn this feature off, go to the settings icon that appears on the bottle left of your Discord screen.
From their select games, which will be available on the left menu.

Now you will see an option stating ‘Display currently running games as a status message.’ Turn this off. After you are turned this option off, the game you are currently playing will not appear as your status message.

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