How to Avoid Copyright Issues on Instagram

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We must admit that copyright really hurts. To the one who uses copyright content and the one who is the creator both are equally hurt in such a situation.

There are several ways we can avoid copyright issues on Instagram so that our account does not get banned and our content never gets copied.

In this article, I will share 5 ways to avoid copyright issues on Instagram both for content creators and people who normally share content from other sources.

1. Leave a branding trace:

While posting something on Instagram or any social media platforms, always leave a branding trace in order to make the content exclusive or copyright protected.

A logo, your Instagram handle or a watermark would do the trick. It will make the content copyright protected and you can literally sue someone for misusing it.

Now this was for content creators.

Let’s have a look into how followers can share without any issue of copyright.

When you are willing to share a post from a page without any issue of Copyright, please use tools like Repost or Regran.

Never ever try to take screenshot and post it in your profile with different tags and captions. This is called content theft.
With tools like Repost you can share any Instagram post using the tag #Repost and tag the profile @ABCD then post it with their original caption and a repost logo with their Instagram DP in the image.

This is 100% legit and no one is going to sue you for a copyright.

As an example – Here I have added my own branding assets.

2. Add Copyright Symbols

If your content is very much exclusive and you have done a lot of research on it then never forget to add a copyright symbol on it. It helps to prevent copying the content. Normally people stay away from the copyright logo.

If you do not know what is a copyright logo then below is an example of GraphBuzz Instagram.

As you can see we have added the Copyright Logo in the post.

If you just go to Google and search for the term “Copyright Symbol” you will get a ton of graphics and text that you can use in you posts and images or videos.

Now from a follower’s prospective, I would recommend you to stay away from anything that has “©”  this symbol on it.

Even if you dare to share a copyright protected material, make sure you provide 100% credits to the creator. Or else face the consequences of a copyright violation act.

3. Add no repost allowed

If you don’t want to people to repost your images or videos without your permission, just write – “NO REPOST ALLOWED” in the starting of your caption.

As a follower never repost posts with caption starting with no repost allowed. It will put you in deep trouble. Ask for permission through inbox and share it when they approve your permission.

4. Use Royalty-Free Stuff

There are a lot of websites where you can find royalty free images and videos. Why share copyright protected material? Use website like pexels and unsplash for royalty free image in your content. Respect the work of creators and artists.

5. Use Royalty Free Sound

You can always go to YouTube audio library and use any sound or music you want and you will never be sued for that. Because they are all royalty free. You can use it for personal and business use.


No matter if you are a creator or a follower or a marketer, never ever use copyright materials in your content and claim it to be your own. Respect creativity and artists, respect content creators. Violation of copyright might

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