How Photographers Can get clients using Digital Marketing?

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Let’s understand photography business from a marketer’s prospective first.

We classify products or services into three categories. Low ticket, mid-range, and high ticket.

If you are flying under mid and low ticket then do not consider digital marketing as a channel of the marketing mix.

A lot of newbies, half knowledged YouTubers, and wannabe marketers have spoiled the market by creating the image of digital marketing as a cheap service. i.e you might have seen gigs like pay me 3000 I can promote your business for 30 days. I mean seriously? A mid range restaurant will charge 3000 for a dinner, how can a marketer work an entire month?

First of all do not fall for those cheap gigs on the internet, FB groups, or Fiverr. Marketing needs qualified people, who understand a brand’s voice. And can leverage the brand’s voice to promote it and make it a next big brand.

If you are looking for high quality photography clients using digital marketing first of all you must be ready to take big clients. i.e equipped with the right team and tools.

Digital marketing is a very vast and big umbrella that is described by newbies in a very casual manner. But in order to get the right results we have to categorize and decide which method will work for photographers.

Let’s assume I am a wedding photographer and I do lavish wedding photography of HNI Clients. First of all, I need to think about where and how they will find me.

Now let’s assume I am a high networth individual, where and how I will try to find a new wedding photographer for my wedding?

1. Google
2. Reference from friends
3. Will click on ads (if they are relevant)
4. Do some research in local market

Being on Google both organically and on google ads can be a game-changer for you. HNI Clients always search keywords like “wedding photographer” or “best wedding photography in XYZ city”. But wait, are you appearing on those terms?

Now lets come to the reference part. Word of mouth is a traditional method and here we are talking about digital. Appear on all the digital news portals, appear on local listings, appear on local newspapers, appear in local events that are covered by digital media.

Above all appear in social media. Sharing pictures of wedding photography and bragging friends about how your pre-wedding is too dope on social media is quite trending. Make sure you post all the recent work tagging customers and reach out to them to share the same in their profile.

Maintain a social media page mainly on Facebook and Instagram because Instagram is the best place for photo sharing and Facebook has that share button which makes you viral.

But there is a catch in the targeting part. Newbies have spread a rumor that they will post your images and boost them and get awareness and leads by targeting a city with the age group of 24-30 who are most likely to get married.

Its all bullshit, digital marketing is never done with assumption. Now let me tell you how you should do paid ads.

To start with paid ads you must brand yourself as a premium brand in order to charge premium. I mean we pay 10x to coffee shops that are brands because of their branding why your client won’t pay you 10x?

Get a brand starter kit, i.e logo, social handles, brand-able domain name, a branded website with user friendly cms which you can update every week or month at least. Then jump to paid ads part.

When ever someone gets engaged in real life, they post it on Facebook and since that day the search for right wedding photographer starts. You will be shocked to know that we can target people that are engaged and not yet married on Facebook and Instagram. I was also shocked but boosting post is a newbie mistake. You need advanced targeting to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Now, these steps really seem quite technical and a lot of hard work. That is why I would recommend you to get in touch with some highly professional digital marketing agency or freelancer who can set it up and run some advanced level campaigns for you. Now you must be thinking ahhh he is pushing us to buy his services. Well, I can also click with a DSLR does that makes me a professional photographer? No right? So better outsource to a pro.

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