How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

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How Much Does Web Hosting Cost? Hosting Price expained!


When you decided to get a website, you have to invest in getting a domain name and web hosting service. There are many web hosting service providers who own and maintain the servers where all the components of a website are stored.

To get your presence on the World wide web, web hosting is a must need. You have to spend some of your budgets on investing in web hosting.

Here, you will get to know how much does it cost to get a web hosting.

Web hosting plans are available on monthly based payment. You can also purchase for a quarter or year. But, here we will discuss the monthly charges for hosting a web.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?
The cost to host a website always depends on the type of hosting service you are taking up. Normally the cheapest plan starts from $2 per month and dedicated hosting may cost around $1000 per month.


Below are types of hosting and their price per month:

Shared hosting:
Shared hosting is the popular hosting plan among the mass. It is super affordable and perfect fit for newbies. If you need only some pages and a blog then shared hosting is made for you to host your very first website at the cheapest price. There are plans lower to higher, range from $2 to $10 you can take as per your requirement. The only difference between plans are the cheapest share hosting is the basic and the advance hosting plan comes with some add-on feature(more domain register and email accounts).


WordPress hosting:
WordPress hosting is just like shared hosting. But it potentially delivers better compatibility and faster site times. You have to expense from $3 to $20 to get the hosting service. Though it is not that famous and required hosting plan, but it gives ready to go managed WordPress, highly secure and tuned out of the box, 3x faster than traditional web hosting. You can use any domain name.

Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting:
Unlike shared hosting VPS hosting gives you priority-based service. In shared hosting, your website is hosted along with hundreds of other websites. But in VPS hosting, you will share a server with a fewer website. Its helps in high performance due to less competition. VPS hosting costs from $20 to $100 per month which is more affordable in comparison to Dedicated hosting. For websites with more visitors or have a greater need for storage space, VPS hosting is more reliable and ensures your website to load quickly and retain your regular visitors.


Dedicated hosting:
Dedicated hosting is for large size business, media, websites that get more traffic due to their reputation in the market. It costs from $80 to $1000 or more per month. It gives a dedicated server to your website only. As the server takes care for a single website it gives more power to you.

Factors that affect Web hosting costs:
No matter which plans you go for, there are some main factors like storage space, Email, number of domains, cPannel access, dedicated IP affects the cost of web hosting. Once you get to know how it works and what you exactly need, you can buy a suitable web hosting plan.


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