How many days to get the TVS Apache RTR 200 4v bs6 bike after booking?

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Well, as I have purchased this bike APACHE 200 4V BS6 edition way back in March 20th I can surely go ahead and answer it.

The booking and delivery totally depends on the dealer. Some dealers are quite honest some are cunning. My experience goes like this,

I booked the bike with one of the biggest dealers in my city (sorry won’t mention name as its going to harm me only.)

They told me we need 1 week to deliver the bike. But they had only 1 piece which they were using to show customers and test ride.

I denied to take that piece because it was driven 50+ KMS. Some how one of my friend who is working at Royal Enfield told me that they are even charging me more. How? There are some hidden dealer fees like taking insaurance from then and all. So I will explain that in another article.

Finally I canceled my order and booked with another showroom which is not so famous. As I was a cash payer, they gave me the bike on 3rd day of Booking. Why 3 days? Because RTO has made it mandatory to use number plate before delivering.

So be aware and book from a new dealer, apart from that try booking on a Monday morning so that you can get it by Thursday. Do not book in weekend because RTO will be closed. Hope it helps.

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