Everything You Wanted to Know about Sanofi Covid-19 Vaccine

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As the entire world is affected from the novel corona virus with almost 4.5 million infected cases globally and more than 2 lakhs deaths. It is more likely to spread if any useful steps is not been taken at present situation.

In fact, many forces across the globe are in a mission to stop this virus to spread. With each passing day we are learning more about the Covid-19 virus.

Many medical researches and scientists around the world are trying their best to develop a vaccine for covid-19.


As per now, more than 100 vaccines has been considered under developed at various stages in clinics globally. Only 8 vaccines out of these are at present under the clinical trial stage. As per medical experts, it may take many years to find the Covid-19 vaccine that can be accurate for human use.


Sanofi,have the candidates of the potential covid-19 vaccine from a French pharmaceutical group. It has two candidates preparing the Covid-19 vaccine in a preclinical evaluation. It has finally implemented their practice and combining with GlaxoSmithKline {GSK} of UK for a perfect result. With the seriousness of this disease widespread, both the countries have come together to develop a covid-19 vaccine.

With their scientific and advanced technology resources they are trying to make it possible. They are for sure will be making the solution to besafe from this virus spreading worldwide.

Recently, it has been seen that, a French Drug maker expects to develop about 600 million doses of covid-19 virus in the coming year. And most probably both the companies have a plan to start their 2nd phase of clinical trials in 2020. However, if possible the vaccine will be available to the people by the end of 2021.

The task of developing the vaccines have been divided among the candidates by the drug manufacturers. The main focus of the Sanofi is to target spike protein of the novel corona virus to develop an antigen. On the other hand, GSK will be producing adjuvant that is responsible to improve the immune system of human body and also the production of antibodies.

As per the official website of French pharmaceutical group, Sanofi stated that, they are using the existing technology, generally designed for influenza. This particular technology is being used by the team to this new virus causing corona virus disease.

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