Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Mystical Egypt

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One of the do’s is simple. Enjoy yourself safely. So it is probably better to take a guided tour, rather than venture out by yourself. However, if you must, first talk to your hotel manager and get the addresses of where you wish to go and have them write it in Arabic, a version of which is Egyptian Arabic, the national language. A sure Don’t when visiting the mystic Egypt are to pretend you know the language if you do not. You may insult unintentionally by saying something unfamiliar.  Many of these people understand the minimum of English, ‘No, thank you’ said firmly, and your moving away. To remain is to invite unwelcome haggling or unintentional harassment.

 Dos and Donts When Visiting the Mystical Egypt

When visiting the mystical Egypt, Do treat every tourist attraction with respect. Being as old as some of the paintings on view are, bright halogen lights or flash-bulbs being discharged from a camera can and do damage them. If you are asked not to bring that type of equipment, do not. You may well be evicted from where you are and thought a vandal or worse. There are usually photos and postcards you can buy for very little and everybody is kept mostly happy. There are cameras that can be used inside the tombs and near the paintings, so if you want a personal photo, buy one of these to take with you into these areas. Another idea is to take a cheap torch that is not halogen as the light available is through the windows which is dimmed deliberately to preserve the artefacts.

Another Do when visiting mystical Egypt is to buy plenty of bottled water at your hotel and keep well-hydrated. Do not drink the tap water. It is fine for ablutions and even cleaning your teeth, but to ingest it is looking for trouble. It is not good to invite a bad stomach ache to move in, and waste your holiday trying to get rid of it. It is also cheaper to buy bottled water at your hotel rather than buy it on your tour as it is far more expensive.

The main do’s and don’ts when visiting mystical Egypt (Egypten as my Danish friends say) should be attended before leaving your home country. To ensure you have had all the vaccinations a few weeks before you leave so they have a chance to build your immunity. Some vaccinations can make you ill, and there is no real point in embarking on the holiday of a lifetime to spend a good chunk of it sick. Vaccinations need time to accustom in your system, so if you decide to have them a day before you leave, there is a good chance they will not be ready to work against whatever they are supposed to.

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