Call of Duty – Cod Mobile Season 7 Leaks Here is what’s New

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image credits – Activision

The season 6 of Call of Duty is all about Rust, Ghost Cow Boy, Saloon, and a Wild West cowboy theme.

But do you know what Call of Duty mobile season 7 holds for us?

As mentioned by Bobby Plays and IFerg two best YouTubers when it comes to COD Mobile, there are a lot of guns, perks and maps coming up.

New Perk Overkill:

According to the video shared by iFerg there might be a new perk named overkill that will allow us to keep 2 primary weapons instead of 1.

Image Credit – iFerg YouTube Channel

New Perk – Quick Fix : You can regenerate health by combat kill or capturing objective i.e domination flag.

Credits – iFerg YouTube

New perk – Shrapnel: This allows you to carry an extra piece of hand grande.

Credit – iFerg Youyube

New Map :- Gulag

According to a video by Bobby Plays there will be a new map called Gulag

Creadit – Bobby Plays

There will be a new soldied avatar cal Krueger Chemist

Image credit – Bobby Plays


Image Credits – Bobby Plays

There will be more maps, more guns, new score streaks which will be identical to predator missiles according to sources.

But I would personally request COD Mobile Developers to introduce Dessert Eagle as a new pistol if possible. Thanks for reading, please share with cod mobile fans.

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