5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown!

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5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lock-down

This lockdown has been going pretty boring for most of us. We got nothing to do, even the work from home sucks without a bit of entertainment. We don’t have any new shows coming up, as the production has been stopped. Movies and web series that were scheduled to be released this year are being postponed because of limited resources for working from home. So what can be done to kill the boredom in the lockdown? What are the best movies to watch and not get bored? In this article, we will be discussing some of the best survival movies you can watch in lockdown and ultimately kill your boredom.

Evil Dead

5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown, evil dead, survival movies

Though being a horror movie, the storyline is based on survival from an isolated place somewhere between the island with no means of transport. How would it feel to get stuck in between the forest with no life around you and paranormal activities going around? Would it be freaking hard to survive in such a scenario, right? This is what the story of the movie is based on. The movie revolves around Mia, who has been addicted to drugs. David is the brother of Mia, along with his girlfriend Natalie visits a small house in the middle of the forest where they meet Mia, Eric, and Olivia. While they all plan to say in the small house, Mia starts feeling uncomfortable with her overcoming the addiction due to which she tries to run away. Meanwhile, Eric comes across a possessed book, and he reads some prayer, which unknowingly unleashes the evil. The paranormal activities start taking place. Will the 5 of them be able to survive, or all of them will fall prey to the evil? 

San Andreas

5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown, survival movies, san andreas

The other movie on the list of survival category is San Andreas. The movie is based on an earthquake of magnitude 7.1, hitting the city of San Andreas. However, the quake collapses a dam, which causes the flood in the city. The movie also portrays a love story between some of its main characters, which we see in between the film while everyone fights for their survival. With all sorts of communication coming to a halt and no transportation, will the people be able to survive the earthquake? This is what the movie is about, and you will love watching it in the lockdown.


5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown, best survival movies, adrift movie

Ever wondered how romantic it would be to go on a sail with your partner. The story revolves around two young couple going on a sail on a yacht. The couple was enjoying their ride in the ocean, but something awaits them in between their voyage. They meet a severe storm in between their journey to the ocean on their yacht. The storm hits the yacht, and they are lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean. The romantic love story turns to be the survival story, with two of our main characters finding their way to the land. 

The Shallows

5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown, the shallows, survival movies

This is also one of the best movies you can watch in lockdown. The film stars Blake Lively as the main character. She goes on a solo surfing trip, which somehow goes wrong. What can be worse than a solo trip going wrong? How about sharks circling you, when you are dehydrated and the sun shining bright? This is what the movie is about where our main character is left to survive on a rock, searching for land, feeling dehydrated, and sharks circling around her. Will she be able to survive the situation? 


5 Best Survival Movies To Watch In Lockdown, gravity, gravity movie, survival movies

Isn’t it awesome to be an astronaut and visit outer space? Well, that will be amazing until something shocking happens. Sandra Bullock plays the role of an astronaut who gets stuck in space after the space debris destroys her spaceship. After her spaceship is destroyed in the space, she is left alone in the space to survive until the rescue team arrives and finds her. Will she be rescued and be able to find her way back to the earth? This can be one of the best movies you can try to watch in lockdown to keep you entertained and kill your boredom.

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