Best Gaming Tablets to Purchase in 2020 From Amazon

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Best Gaming Tablets on Amazon

The gamer in us loves a good tab because gamers prefer to play their fav games in big screens, isn’t it? This love for tablets has opened huge possibilities for gaming tabs that are as smooth to use as sleek they look. We have seen some good to average tabs in the past but today’s tabs look as if they come from a whole new world.

These tabs have beasty specs that make your PUBG play smooth like a slice of butter. With gigantic memory capacity and battery back up most of these tabs have a dedicated coprocessor that helps run the high-end graphics games smoothly. Let’s have a look at the A list:

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro comes with a A12Z Bionic chip and an embedded M12 coprocessor or GPU making it smoothly run most high end games, backed up by a 3GB RAM. With amazing battery back of up to 10 hrs this tab makes a cool gaming buddy.

OS: iOS 13.4

Display size: 11 in, 12.9 in variables, liquid retina display


Memory: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB variables

Chip: A12Z Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture, Hexa-Core

Processor Count: 2, embedded M12 coprocessor(GPU)

Processor Speed: 64‑bit

Battery: 5124 mAh (upto 10hr)

Connector: Lightning connector

Apple iPad mini (Latest Model)

OS: iOS 12

Display size: 7.9 In Retina display


Memory: 64 GB, 256GB variables

Chip: A12 Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture

Processor Count: 2, Hexa-Core, embedded M12 coprocessor(GPU)

Processor Speed: 64‑bit

Battery: 5124 mAh (upto 10hr)

Connector: Lightning connector

Apple iPad 10

OS: iOS 13

Display size: 10.2 in retina display

Memory: 32GB, 128GB variables


Chip: A10 Fusion chip

Processor Count: 2, Embedded M10 coprocessor

Processor Speed:

Battery: upto 10 hrs

Connector: Lightning connector

Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Tablet cum Laptop

The most premium and extravagant if you may call it is this Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Tablet cum Laptop, is your one stop gadget destination. Its top model has an enormous 16GB RAM, 1TB storage.

Be it office, gaming, art, music this tab-cum-laptop makes it worth your while for the price paid. It is compatible with the Surface Pen which is sold separately.

OS: Windows 10 Home

Display size: 12.3 In Pixel sense display

Memory: 1GB


Chip: Intel Core i7 Quad core

Processor Count: 1

Processor Speed: 1.30 GHz

Battery: Upto 10 hrs, charges 80% in an hour

Connector: USB-C&A, Wi-fi, Surface Connect Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is super handy and portable. Meaning its very travel friendly and will kill your travel boredom with a huge battery life of 7040mAh. Biggest advantage with the Samsung Tab being it comes with a S Pen in the box!

OS: Android 10

Display size: 10.4 In

Memory: 64GB, upto 1 TB expandable with MicroSD


Chip: Exynos 9611

Processor Count: 8

Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz

Battery: 7040 mAh

Connector: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB

Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 Tablet

Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 tablet takes gaming to a new luxurious level making game play feel surreal with a gigantic 8GB RAM and Intel core i5 processor. With 12.3in display, an aspect ratio of 3:2 game graphics ought to feel immersive and life like.

OS: Google Chrome OS

Display size: 12.3 In


Memory: 128GB

Chip: Intel Core i5

Processor Count: 2,

Processor Speed:

Battery: 48 WH (up to 10 hours)


Lenovo Tab P10

Features like possessing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octacore processor and an Adreno 506 GPU make the Lenovo Tab 10 a perfect family tablet. It is capable of high end gaming and at the same time it has cellular feature. It has a FHD screen and Dolby Atmos sound.

OS: Android O

Display size: 10.1 In

Memory: 64GB, 256GB Expandable


Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa core processor

Processor Count: 2, Adreno 506 GPU

Processor Speed: 1.8GHz

Battery: 7000mAh

Connector: Wi-fi, Cellular

3nh Jumper Ezpad 6 Pro

With Intel Apollo N3450 Quad Core processor this tablet would work pretty decent while playing different high graphics games as it features a 6GB RAM as well. It is quiet affordable so a light on the pocket perfect gaming tablet.

OS:  Windows 10 Home

Display size: 11.6 in

Memory: 64GB


Chip: Intel Apollo N3450 Quad Core processor

Processor Count: 4

Processor Speed:


Connector:  Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS

Teclast TBook 16 Power

The Teclast TBook 16 power is one beast of a device for providing smooth like butter game play! It has dual boot equipped with windows 10 and android 6 which makes it even more desirable to have the best of both worlds. With 11.6 in QHD display it’s a convertible tablet cum laptop that meets all your tech needs in one place. It is compatible with POGO pin keyboard and stylus pen.

OS: Windows 10 and android 6

Display size: 11.6 In

Memory: 64GB,


Chip: Intel Atom x7-Z8750 (Cherry Trail) 64 bit Quad core

Processor Count: 4

Processor Speed: 1.6GHz, up to 2.56GHz


Connector: Wi-fi, USB-3.0 & C

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