Best FREE VPN List for Firestick

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Nowadays, almost everyone is looking for some sort of entertainment. There are various kinds of devices available for providing you full-on entertainment. One of such devices is Firestick.

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Firesticks are one of the most modern devices that offers several kinds of entertainment. It is more like that you might not be able to accessit anywhere you want as its possibilities are quite endless.

Most of the countries have places some sort of restrictions on several apps and content to be watched. But it is possible by the help of VPN, as has the capability of remove the restrictions.

You may be wondering how it is possible. So let’s make it clear for you in the next segment.

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Basically, the main job of a VPN is, it routes your traffic through specialized servers that encrypts and covers your IP address.

By the use of VPN, with the Firestick, you will be able to connect to a server of a country and content you want to access. Thereafter you can watch your favorite movies and shows from anywhere in the country.

One more thing to know that, with a premium VPN, you can have more benefits like unlimited bandwidth, HD stream free from buffering and enhanced privacy.

Now comes to the main topic of some of the best Free VPN List for Firestick:

We bring you the best VPN that offers you smooth streaming and with best security.



Windscribe comes in top most position in our list. It is the best VPN for streaming your favorite movies and shows. It consists of an amazing 10GB allowance every month. It is more enough to cover all your most favorite shows.

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It has the servers in almost 60 locations but it is limited to 11 for free versions that includes UK, France, US, Germany, Hong Kong and many others.

Having its own default features like malware blocker and built-in ads, ROBERT, you will be able to enjoy the most uninterrupted streaming. Even you no need to be worried about any sort of virus.

Those who are looking for a user-friendly VPN, then Windscribe is the best for you. It also offer you with the free subscription and benefit you with the maximum security and AES 256- bit encryption.

  • VPN is yet another good choice for a free VPN, for those who are excited about the streaming. In spite of having 2GB data per month, it is sufficient to watch your favorite shows and movies for at least few hours.

With you are unable to stream on Netflix, but it can be accessed for torrenting and P2P sharing. Due to this reason, it is quite popular among the users.

Like any other free version, has also its limitations. It can be used in 5 countries but, you will be enjoying it in a great speed and in high quality.

It has various features such as no-logs policy and the encryption is very strong enough to protect your online security.


ProtonVPN is also a free version VPN present in our list. The best thing of this VPN, is its unlimited bandwidth. So that you enjoy your shows seamlessly without any interruption.

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Proton VPN does no support Netflix and torrenting, so you will be unable to stream here. But the benefit you get is, its browsing speed while you are near to the server locations. And it is best for the music lovers, as they can enjoy it in the best possible way. It is available in three server locations around the world.

It make sure to keep it secure by offering military grade encryption and no-logs policy.

You will be enjoying without any interruptions with its built-in ads blocker.


Surfeasy is an ideal choice if you are not planning for streaming as it comes only with 500MB on a monthly data package.

This VPN is more perfect if you want to watch videos on YouTube or simply browsing other stuffs.

Well, Surfeasy supports torrenting but the download can be little bit problematic due 500MB data.

The free version VPN offers high level security, including AES 256-bit encryption and no-logs policy. It will maintain your online safety and private.

It is user-friendly as well,so you can start with downloading this VPN to your Firestick.

  • TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is also a free version VPN that can be added to your firestick, available in 22 countries. This has the maximum locations out of the list above.

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It offers high quality security measures to keep your location private and safe and also consists high speed connection. Itincludes a kill-switch, so even if the connection is cut-off, your IP address will be always hidden. So you don’t have to worry about the streaming.

However due to 500MB data allowance, you will be only enjoying the videos on YouTube and music. But the on-going browsing will be buffer free with fast speeding process.

It is extremely compatible with the Amazon Firestick. You can download the VPN and enjoy the videos with buffer-free.

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