10 Best 27 inch Monitor You Can Buy Online in 2020

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10 Best 27 inch Monitor You Can Buy Online

When buying a monitor, you will have to take many factors to get the best value for money products. There are many brands out there that develop monitors to meet the desired purpose of the users. Monitors can come handy for playing games, watching movies, and coding over a big screen.

When buying a monitor, you will come across various terms, such as resolution, refresh rate, graphic sync option, and size. All of these matters and can vary as per your requirement. For gaming purposes, you will need a monitor with a higher refresh rate and graphic sync, be it AMD free sync or G-Sync by Nvidia, the resolution needs to be maintained with the size of the screen you are buying. You will have to take care of the size of the screen based on your workspace measures.

When buying a monitor for a dual-screen setup, the refresh rate won’t matter because you will only use one main monitor for gaming while the dual-screen setup for multitasking. All you need to make sure is the size of the screen is the same. Here we will be listing 10 best 27-inch monitors you can prefer buying. 

BEN-Q 27 Inch Edge To Edge Bezel Slim Bezels LED Backlight Computer Monitor:

The very first on the list, we have this BEN-Q 27 inch monitor that comes in the budget range. Monitors by BEN-Q has always been on demand because of their eye care technology. This monitor is thin and bezel-less and comes with an IPS level panel. If you are looking for a monitor to work for a longer period, then you should go for this one, as it reduces the strain on your eyes by reducing the blue light on the screen. Talking about the screen to body ratio, it is 16:9, whereas the monitor’s viewing angle is 178 degree as claimed by the company. 

Well, this is not typically a gaming monitor but can be used for light gaming as it only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is quite less for running high-end games at maximum settings. If your only requirement is to run games at very high-end specs, you should not go for this on. Users seek this computer for work and coding purposes.

This one does not have any graphic sync, so this will not be recommended for video editing. The screen’s response time is 5ms, which is quite to be considered in a budget range monitor offering 27 inches display size. The only thing I didn’t like about this monitor is that you cannot adjust the monitor’s height. There’s a high-end variant available to the same with height adjustment.

Talking about the connectivity, you can connect your computer to it with VGA or HDMI cable. Moreover, it also has audio input ports to connect your speaker to it. Well, this will be the only monitor with built-in speakers, which comes in this price range. 

Samsung 27 LED Backlit Computer Monitor:

Now on the list, we have this LED-backlit monitor by Samsung, which offers very great specs in the budget price range. Well, the monitor is highly recommended for work-related purposes, as this comes with an extensively larger screen size at the budget price. It has an IPS panel with full HD resolution. Talking about the design, it features a premium design with a slim body. 

Moreover, it has two connectivity ports, i.e., VGA port and HDMI port. But who in 2020 uses VG port, so the company provides with only HDMI cable inside the box. Talking about power consumption, which is another point to be noted when buying a monitor, the monitor consumes less than 0.3-watt power. In contrast, the maximum power consumption of the monitor is 25 watt. Also, it possesses flicker-free technology, which is ideally meant for the lesser strain on the eyes.

The company claims the monitor’s viewing angle to be 178 degrees from both horizontal and vertical sides. This monitor, as well, is not recommended for gaming as it does only have a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 4ms, which is quite less for it to be a gaming monitor. 

LG Ultragear 27 inch Monitor:

LG ultragear is what you call a gaming monitor. This is also on the monitor’s budget side and does offer really good specs in the price range it comes in. It supports HDR 10, which is recommended for having better quality entertainment content. The thing to note about this monitor is that its height is adjustable, and the stand is tiltable, which can help you with tilting the screen. The screen comes with a size of 27 inches and has a brightness of 400nits. Also, you can pivot the screen to a portrait as well. 

You will most likely see very few monitors which you can mount on the wall at such a price range, but yes with this one, it is possible. Talking about the connectivity port, the screen has a VGA port, HDMI port, and headphone jack to help you connect your headphones to it. Talking about the refresh rate, the monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, with 1 ms of refresh rate recommended for a budget range gaming monitor. It is compatible with G-Sync to minimize the stutter to maximize the smooth gaming experience. 

Acer 27 Inch Full HD TN Panel Monitor

This one, too, is a gaming monitor with a 144 HZ refresh rate, which comes with a Full HD TN panel. This one does not feature the IPS panel, which is a point to be considered when buying a gaming monitor. This will be highly suited for work purposes as it does not have IPS panel due to which you will have to manage with the color reproduction. It has AMD free-sync, which helps minimize the stutter produced and gives you a smooth viewing experience. 

Talking about the ports, it has a VGA port, HDMI port, and a DVI port. Also, it has a response time of 1ms, coming with a brightness of 400 nits. Moreover, it also has different modes that can be set to enhance your gaming experience. It has action, racing, sport, and other such modes that can be set as per the game category you are playing and will, for sure, enhance your gaming experience. Though it has a TN panel, with a 6-axis color adjustment, you won’t need to compromise with the color. 

LG 27 inch 4 Side Borderless monitor:

Bezel-less is the new trend in display technology today. People are attracted to monitors or displays with bezel-less displays, no matter what the specs may be. But what if you get the best specs, with a completely bezel-less display? Well, this monitor by LG does offer the same. The monitor is bezel-less from all the sides, i.e., the monitor won’t be having bezel at the down portion of the screen, where usually the company’s branding is.

It is a color-calibrated monitor with an in-built speaker setup. It has a dual speaker setup with 5-watt speakers each. Talking about the connectivity port, this monitor has 1 HDMI port, 1 D-SUB port, one audio-in port, and one audio out port.

Talking about gaming support, it has AMD free sync to give fluid movement gaming experience. It also has dynamic action sync to give delay-free experience, and a black stabilizer to get a clearer view in dark scenes. Also, it has a wall mount to help get your screen mounted and not cover your table area. 

Lenovo 27-inch FHD Monitor D27-20 :

Next is the monitor that comes in a budget range and is recommended for work purposes. If you are looking for a monitor for gaming purposes or video editing, then this is what I would not suggest you go for. This monitor by Lenovo is well suited for people with prolonged hours of usage. Following a 27 inch display, it has a brightness of 250 nits. Talking about the response time and refresh rate, Lenovo’s monitor has a refresh rate of 75hz with 4ms response time. It comes enabled with AMD free sync, which gives you a stutter-free viewing experience. 

If you are not a hardcore gamer, but if you are looking for a monitor to meet the purpose of coding, browsing, and basic day to day task along with minimal gaming, then this is what you should go for. Moreover, it has low blue light certification, which means that you will not feel the strain on your eyes even after prolonged usage.

The 27-inch display panel is an IPS panel, which means the better color you will view. Talking about connectivity ports, it has a VGA port, an HDMI port, and an audio-out port to connect your audio devices to the monitor. 

HP EliteDisplay 27-inch :

Focusing on work desktop, we have this HP Elite Display, which comes at a very affordable price. It has a three-sided bezel-less display with HP branding at the lower end. The bezel-less display is designed, keeping in mind the purpose of a multi-screen setup. The IPS panel of the screen does have a Full HD screen resolution.

It has a response time of 5ms, so that’s probably not what I would recommend for gaming. Rest for editing and other work-related purposes; this is the best suited in the price range. 

Talking about the viewing angle, this monitor by HP has a viewing angle of 178 degrees from both horizontal and vertical sides. Coming to the connectivity ports, this display offers a lot in this segment than any other displays in this price range. It has one HDMI port, one VGA port, one USB 3.0 port upstream, and two USB 3.0 port downstream.

You can also rotate the screen to portrait or flip back to landscape based on your requirement. Talking about the display’s power consumption, which is around 0.5 watt in standby mode, 68 watt is the maximum power consumption, whereas 32 watt is the typical power consumption of the display. USB ports on the screen also do you to connect your devices directly to the screen at ease. 

It comes with a glossy screen to help reduce the content’s reflection, without losing the clarity of the content you are viewing. You will not be able only to tilt the display back and froth, but you can also adjust the height of the display, which is a greater benefit of this display as it helps comfort your neck and eyes by adjusting the viewing angles. 

Dell SE2719HR 27″ LCD Anti-Glare Monitor

Dell has always been one of the biggest manufacturers of computer and computer components. And now, on the list, we have this Dell monitor, which also comes in an affordable price range. The monitor by Dell is a LED-backlit monitor with screen to the body aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen panel is an IPS level panel having the full HD screen resolution. The monitor’s normal response time is 8ms (gray-to-gray), whereas the fast response time is 5ms (gray-to-gray). 

The stand provided with the monitor is tiltable, which means you can easily tilt the screen to get better viewing angles for your eyes’ comfort. 

You are only provided with two connectivity ports, i.e., HDMI port and the VGA, and you won’t be seeing any additional ports such as a USB port with this one. The product is designed to fulfill your work with ease in the comfort of your home. The stand has a security lock, with which it easily fits into the back panel without much hassle. 

Samsung 27 inch (68.6 cm) Curved Bezel-Less LED Backlit Computer Monitor:

This one is the curved monitor, which is quite good in the price range it comes in. Well, if you are looking for a curved monitor, then you should go for this, as it has the same specs as the other monitor except for being a curved monitor. The screen has a 1800R curvature for the seamless experience of viewing content.

Talking about the compatibility, the monitor is compatible with both Windows as well as macOS. To get it to work with macOS, you will have to use a mini display cable or type-c to HDMI cable (in most cases), which you won’t be getting inside the box. 

Talking about the gaming requirements, this screen features AMD free sync to minimize the blurry screen and give you optimal gaming performance. Moreover, it does have game modes to set the brightness, color saturation, and contrast, which can be adjusted as per the game you are playing.

The VA panel does minimize the light leakage for deeper and uniform blacks. Also, there is an eye save mode on the screen, which helps minimize the blue light emission for your eyes’ care even when working at night. Also, it has multiple ports to bring your entertainment to the fullest. Moreover, it has built-in speakers, so you need not buy external speakers to connect to your computer and experience the real entertainment. 

Acer Nitro 27-inch (68.58 cm) IPS Gaming Monitor 

Last on the list, and we have this gaming monitor by Acer. This monitor has an IPS grade panel having a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. Being a gaming monitor, this one has a refresh rate of 144 Hz having a response time of 1ms to give you an impeccable and smooth gaming experience. The screen panel’s brightness is 400 nits with 100% sRGB to get the best color saturation when viewing your content. 

Being specially designed for gaming purposes, this monitor has multiple gaming modes to power up your gaming experience, no matter what category of games you are playing. Coming with AMD free sync integrated, your gaming experience is going to be far better than that in any other displays. It possesses optimized colors that resemble the real world.

You need not adjust your settings with the button; display widget utility allows you to adjust your monitor’s settings without having to touch the buttons. Another thing to take care of is the eye care technology claimed by the manufacturer, which surely Acer has better. It has a blue light shield to lower the blue light emitted by the screen and helps you work even at night.

With flicker less technology, you will be experiencing a flicker-free screen. The screen also has a comfy view and low dimming technology powered by Acer to take complete care of your eyes, no matter how long you have been working on your screen. 

Talking about the connectivity port, this monitor has an HDMI port and a VGA port to connect with your computer or laptop. Moreover, it also has an in-built speaker setup. It comes with two inbuilt speakers, each being of 2 watts.


These are the 10 best monitors you can buy to meet your basic and high-end requirement. The monitors mentioned above are well-suited for gaming as well as work-related requirement. The thing to be noted is that all of them come in a reasonable price range. 

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