Best 16 GB Ram Available to Purchase in India

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Best 16 GB RAM available online

RAM is one of the most crucial components of the PC. A RAM in PC helps determine the performance of the PC. When building a custom PC, it is important to choose RAM carefully to help carry out most of your tasks at ease. There are many factors to keep in mind while buying RAM that can help enhance your PC’s performance.

You need to keep in mind the RAM’s capacity, the clock speed, and the price as well. The software you run on your PC needs some memory to keep the temporary files stored for the time the app is running. The RAM gives the allocated memory by the apps. When building a custom PC, especially for gaming purposes or for running some heavy apps, you must choose a RAM of 16 GB. 

Buying a RAM isn’t easy because there are many RAMs available online and offline, which can offer better specs than the other, and that is also at the same price point. In this article, we will be discussing the best 16 GB RAM available online that you can buy. 

HyperX Fury CL16 DIMM Black XMP Desktop Memory

HyperX fury is designed for the computers to build to run heavy games. When selecting the HyperX fury, you will come across multiple variants for the same version. For instance, with this RAM, you can get 16 GB in a single stick or go for multiple sticks for the 16 GB.

You can select 16GB memory in one stick, 16 GB memory in 2 sticks, or 16 GB memory in 4 sticks. Similarly, you will have the option to choose from various clock speeds for the same RAM. This one comes with five different clock speeds, i.e., 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz, 3000 MHz, 3200 MHz, and 3466 MHz.  

The RAM is designed by keeping in mind the less space a computer can have to minimize spreading heat over the surface. Moreover, the RAM is efficient in terms of performance and comes in an affordable price range than the other RAMs available in the same price segment.

HyperX fury supports all the latest Intel chipsets and DDR4 motherboard. So if you are looking to go for this one, this will be your best upgrade to DDR4. This RAM offers plug-n-play functionality at the clock speed of 2400 MHz and 2666 MHz.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB RAM

Next on the list, we have this 16 GB RAM stick by Corsair. This RAM has a single variant, so you won’t choose between ordering multiple sticks or the variation in the clock speed.

Corsair Vengeance LPX comes in one single stick offering the clock speed of 3200 MHz. Talking about the compatibility of this RAM, Corsair Vengeance LPX supports Intel 100 series, Intel 200 series, Intel 300 series, Intel X299, and Intel i7. With XMP 2.0 support, the RAM gets adjusted to the fastest and the safest speed for your PC with just one setting. 

Moreover, it comes with Aluminum heat spreader, which helps pull the heat from the system and push it to your PC’s cooling system, not to allow your PC to heat up, and gives you the best performance possible. The corsair vengeance follows a low-design factor, which can fit any small cabinets.


Now on the list, we have this ADATA XPG GAMMIX D30 16 GB RAM, which comes in a single stick form. When choosing the RAM for custom PC builds, it is important to consider the RAM design you are buying.

The RAM comes with a wing-shaped design that follows the heat spread factor. With the wing-shaped design, it does have a high-quality PCBs which is designed keeping in mind the long term durability of the RAM. Talking about the speed, the clock speed of the RAM ranges from 2666 MHz to 4600 MHz. Coming to the compatibility, the RAM is compatible with Intell X299 and AMD AM4 ryzen platforms.  

It is equipped with XMP 2.0, which allows overclocking the RAM and enhances the system’s stability. The RAM comes in only a single stick form, and you won’t get variation in choosing the product.

You won’t be able to select between multiple RAM sticks for the 16 GB variant. If you are looking for an upgrade for your PC from some older version of RAM or looking for a custom PC build, this will be a good option. Moreover, this will be an upgrade from your older version of DDR4 RAM with greater clock speed. 

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 16 GB

Now on the list, we have 16 GB RAM by crucial. The thing to note about this RAM is that this is not a single stick and comes in 2 sticks in a single pack. When buying this RAM, you will get two sticks of 8GB each inside the box. It has TT RGB plus TT AI voice control, Razer Chrome, Alexa RGB sync, through which you will be able to control the RGB lighting of the light with the help of all the Alexa enables devices.

It has a ten layer PCB construction with which you can overclock the PC’s speed while having a stable performance. Also, it has aluminum heat spreader, which allows minimal to no heating of the system, thus providing the better performance of the PC with a stable environment.

Memory chips of the RAM are thoroughly screened to provide faster response time-frequency to the users. It also supports Intel XMP 2.0, which enables overclocking the system with ease by just one set that, too, has a stable system. The gold fingers are durable enough to last longer.

Therefore, the RAM gives the users optimal performance with enabling overclocking and minimal heating of the system. The only point to be noted is that you need to have two slots free to install the RAM as it comes in 2 sticks and not a single stick. 

GSkill F4-300C16D-16GTZR TridentZ RGB series

Last on the list is this RAM by GSkill, which comes in dual channel kit. With this RAM, you will be getting two sticks of 8 GB RAM each. The RGB system has a high-quality RGB lighting system that can be controlled using the software. By downloading the Asus Aura software, you will be able to control the RGB lighting of the RAM and give it patterns suiting your gaming requirements.

It gives high performance even after prolonged usage. The RAM is designed, keeping in mind the purpose of a gaming PC. The Trident Z series of the Gskill has the clock speed of 4000 MHz and can go up to 5000 MHz to break the overclocking barrier. The RAM is optimized to keep the environment stable even at the highest clock speed.

Talking about the RAM design, this Gskill Trident Z series RAM has an aggressive fin-shaped design, which does not allow the overflow of heat. It has high-quality aluminum heat spreaders, allowing the spreading of the heat not to allow overheating of the system. Talking about the RAM’s compatibility, it is tested to work with every motherboard with DDR4 support. So you need not worry about the compatibility of the RAM with the motherboard you are using.  

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