Avg VPN Review – is AVG Secure VPN Worth it?

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AVG VPN is one kind of a service that is very much familiar because of the name AVG. This may be due to the connection between the biggest names in the antivirus market. It is well known for the privacy related issue in the Internet.

They bring some of the best features of their services that can be positive for you to consider it. It often provides secure connections that are virus-free and remain leak-free. One of the best thing about their services is they are available for 24/7 for customer support.

Now, the question may arise in your mind regarding this services as whether to take it or not? Not to worry as we are there to help you. In the below article we will give the review so that it will make your decision more prominent. So let’s find whether there is a reason of paying for AVG VPN or not?

Few information related to AVG VPN

USABILITY: It is very easy and simple to use

LOG FILES: Contains logging Policy

LOCATIONS: It is located in 36 countries having 50 servers

SUPPORT: Excellent chat and customer support

TORRENTING: Have limited Torrenting

NETFLIX: Definitely 1 out of 5


COST: It will costs you up to $3.99/mo


Check out Some of the best features of AVG VPN :

  1. It is Virus-free and no malware is found

As, AVG plays a vital role in terms of anti-virus service. As expected they are perfect in this field indeed. The results are amazing when it is run in Windows and Mac versions through virustotal scan.

  • The secure connection are leak free and No IP

AVG VPN has so far proved that all its encryption, network security and all private connection are safe. This can help the users to invest in such a service.

Not only this, the DNS leak test was also positive and not disappointing. In case of hiding the IP address, it has done a marvelous job.

It is really great for those users who use public Wi-Fi, the VPN provider keep the geolocation anonymous and does not expose.

  1. Amazing customer support and chat support

When it comes to the customer and chat support, AVG VPNs responses very well. They offers an excellent customer support for the users and you can definitely be pleased of it.

But, in some cases the chat support is quite slow at the initial stage, but it is recovered by them very soon. You can easily access through their contact us page and get back to them. You just need to give your details such as first and last name along with your email address and you are done.

As per the basic requirement it is very good but when there is some technical issues they can transfer their calls to the higher level. Moreover, it is a good thing for the users as they can anyhow get the help they require.

Now let’s talk about their community Support;

AVG VPN do have a community support page that is capable of answering all the questions that you are looking for. For the response, you have to wait for a while but nonetheless you will get your answer for sure.

  • The VPN app is very easy to use

You can download the app available in the Windows and Mac in a very easy manner. You can even get it as a free trial for 30 days that is better for you to look on the activities.The settings tab will be displayed to you with number of options. Once the app is launched you will get the choice to auto-connect to their servers.

We can say that, overall the app is very much easy and flexible to use. As you are not going to deal with several tabs and server can be changed manually. Moreover, AVG Secure VPN comes with kill-switch for that extra security.

  • Located in Prague, Czech Republic, safe for the data protection

The biggest thing that a VPN provider is the data protection, which is the best feature of AVG VPN. It has covered many regions globally, that is really hard to find that is far away from their jurisdiction. One more achievement about the app is it stays away from the malicious government agencies.

Czech Republic will cooperate against the cases when some cases arises in breaking the law of computer network exploitation. This information is not that necessary in this regards, but it can be very useful for you.

Overall, AVG VPN service is very easy and simple to use. We can definitely suggest you to go for it. Well, so far you may have got the idea about the best features of AVG VPN.

Now, it’s all clear in front of you that can help you to make your decision in a profitable manner.

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