What Exactly is Alienware Laptop? Explained!

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What Is Alienware Laptop? How much does it cost?

Dell is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to laptops for all the categories. Be it gaming laptop or working laptop or buying a laptop for home purpose, laptops from Dell fits all the basic requirements of its users.

Dell is one of the most famous brand names has its gaming laptop series, which is considered to have the laptop with the best specs. When it comes to hardcore gaming, Dell Alienware laptops are the first choice of all the gamers. Being a high budget laptop, these series provide users with specs required for a seamless hardcore gaming purpose. 

Dell Alienware is laptop series that is designed to meet the purpose of hardcore gaming. Like Dell XPS, which is also a high-end laptop series for work purposes, Alienware series is also designed to meet the requirements of gamers. Let’s discuss some of the most famous Dell Alienware gaming laptops, with their specs and the price segment they are available in. 

Dell Alienware M15 R2 :

What Exactly is Alienware Laptop? Explained!

Dell Alienware M15 R2 meets your hardcore gaming requirement. No matter what game you are playing, the laptop is designed to handle even the heaviest games with ease. With this in mind, this Alienware laptops come with one of the most powerful processors to handle all the games with not even a single lag.

The laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 9th gen. The processor is a six-core processor with having up to 12 MB cache clearing. Talking about the graphic card, the Dell Alienware M15 R2 comes with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphic card having a GDDR6 RAM of 6 GB.

Buying a gaming laptop, one has to consider the display the laptop will be having. Apart from a powerful processor, a god display is what enhances your gaming experience to the extreme. Not only a display size matters the most, but also a high refresh rate with a good resolution is what you need to take care of when buying a gaming laptop.

Dell Alienware M15 R2 comes with a 15.6-inch display having an FHD resolution, i.e., 1920×1080 resolution. Also, it has a high refresh rate of 240 Hz with a screen providing the brightness of 300 nits. 

Talking about the RAM of the laptop, this laptop comes with an 8 GB DDR4. It comes with a 76 Wh provided with a 180 W charger. Also, it has Wifi 6 technology with Bluetooth 5.0. 

Heat management is also an important thing you need to take care of when buying a gaming laptop as it helps prevent your laptop from heating while you game. Well, heating up is not an issue with this Alienware laptop.

With a dual intake and exhaust technology, the laptop intake cool air and exhausts warm air from outside. With immersive eye-tracking technology, you get the most out of the box that any other laptop cannot provide.

Talking about the ports available, you will get two super-peed USB type-A port, 1 HDMI port, Ethernet port, a mini-display port, thunderbolt 3 port, graphic amplifier port, and a USB gen one Type-A port, Audio out port, noble lock port. The laptop providing such good specs starts at the price range of Rs 1,89,614.

There’s an alternate option to the base variant, which provides higher specs at a higher price point. Well, most of the specs you will see on both the laptops will be quite the same, though their will some significant difference is some general specs.

With the second variant, you will get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 graphic card with an 8Gb GDDR6 memory, which is much higher than the base variant provided with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 has the 8GB GDDR6 memory.

The base variant comes with 8 GB DDR4 RAM, whereas the second variant has 16 GB DDR4 RAM. Also, this one variant will have a 1TB SSD storage. Even in terms of display, this one will have a 400 nits display. Well, apart from these, there are no other differences in the specs. 

Dell Alienware 17 Area51m:

What Exactly is Alienware Laptop? Explained!

Designed to be the most powerful gaming laptop ever is what Dell says about this laptop. Well, the specs are what no other gaming laptop cannot offer. Dell Alienware 17 Area51m is not designed for daily purpose and soft gaming, but to do something more which a normal gaming laptop cannot handle.

This laptop is powered by Intel Core i7-9th gen processor, which is one of the most powerful processors. Talking about the graphic memory, the laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 graphic card having an 8 GB GDDR 6 memory.

Coming to the RAM of the laptop, it has a 16 GB DDR4 RAM, well, there’s no doubt about the RAM management on this one. Also, the display you will be getting in this laptop possesses some high-end specs enhancing your gaming experience to the fullest.

Dell Alienware has a 17.3 FHD display with 144Hz and relatively thin bezels. Also, the display has graphic syncing by NVIDIA. It has an eye-tracking feature to give the best out of its functionality, with eye care to block all the lights that can harm your eyesight.

This Alienware laptop comes with a 90Wh battery and having a power adaptor of 240 W. Many gaming laptops come with a hybrid solution for storage. Still, this laptop doesn’t need one, as there’s no compromising with the storage as it comes with a 1 TB SSD. Also, it has an Alienware TactX keyboard with per-key AlienFX lighting. The keyboard has anti-ghosting, which enables users to work without interruption for hours. 

It comes with the same dual intake and dual exhaust heat management system, due to which the laptop looks bulkier, but in terms of heat management, it performs well.

You get all the required slots that should be there in a gaming laptop, such as 2 Superspeed USB Type-A port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, USB type-A 3.1 gen, thunderbolt 3, headset jack, two power input port, and graphic amplifier port. Talking about the pricing, the laptop starts at the price segment of Rs. 3,04,074.

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