5G in India – Expectation vs. Reality!

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5G in India – Expectation vs. Reality

Almost every one of us have heard about the 5G networks in India. Moreover, it has created many doubts regarding its promises and benefits. Even though the promises of 5G networks has long been indicated, but finally it is moving towards the reality. For those people who does not have any idea, let us help you to know more about this in details.

Basically, 5G is a set to lead in the new era of reliable and faster connectivity. Many of them are even considering to be the fourth industrial revolution. But one thing to note that, in spite of making such wonderful promises, it will not be available to each and every person immediately.

Let’s find what this is all about and how the operators temper consumer’s expectations.

What exactly it’s all about?

We have already come to know that, consumers already have lots of expectations from the 5G services and various supports.

Now, the question comes, how fast the 5G connection be?

As per the analysts’ predictions, that the connection will be faster and lower latency. This means that, it will have the minimum data transfer of around 1 GB to incredible speed of 800 GBPs. It is a great thing for the users, to download a HD- feature length film within a seconds, rather than minutes.

But, as per the statement of Esteban Ribero at the Drum, 5G more than just a faster downloads and uploads. The high point is that, 5G will lead in terms of faster connectivity, that brings life in the future that always been promised where the Artificial Intelligence {AI}, runs faster through our cars, homes and mobile devices.

Relating to this excitement, many wireless equipment manufacturers, various telecommunications and smartphone makers have already announced to arrange 5G networks along with 5G compatible devices in the future. As per the recent survey of Matrix Software, 87 % of the consumers are planning to upgrade their phones to a 5G compatible device.

So, when is the change is coming?

It’s hard to know the exact arrival of 5G network, but according to the sources, it is estimated to be around 3 years. However, many significant progress will be seen by the consumers by 2020.

Moreover, 5G will be working along with 3G and 4G connections, but it can hike everything in terms of data marketing to the Internet of Things {IoT}. This in result will create various shifts in the industry. For instance, the change from 3G to 4G covered the increase in mobile gaming and mobile video.

Other important factors of implementing 5G Network:

It is very much clear that the operators and consumers are looking forward to the applications and benefits of 5G connection in the future. But, fact is implementing 5G network is not that easy than upgrading the existing the 4G network. The infrastructure of5G network is way more different having larger carrier bandwidths and new frequency bands. Moreover, the 4G network would not be able to handle the huge amounts of data required by 5G.

As per the recent report commissioned by the Broadband Stakeholders Group looksat the obstacles regarding the deployment of 5G in UK. On the other hand there exist some key issues in conveying the value of 5G identifying the stem from lack of delivery. There also seems to be an inequality between the infrastructure changes and marketing messages needed to make 5G in a reality. It is really hard to separate the fact from the fiction holding communications carriers to unreasonably high expectations and confusing the consumers.

What exactly the Industry doing about it?

As the process of installing gets underway, most of the operators are involved in employing new technologies and exploring unique future-oriented solutions. One of the major challenges is how well it will go with the viable hardware, software designs and how soon it will overcome the test to be deployed.

In addition to this, the test equipment mustbe advanced to compensate for this new level of complexity. If the new operators are looking to ensure the delivery of consistent performance then they needed innovative and rigorous testing for implementing 5G network. As there is the occurrence of wider change so, leading companies are adopting improved workflows. This is done to create a seamless procedure in implementing the 5G connection.

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