3D Photography: Step By Step Process For Beginners

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3D Photography: Step By Step Process For Beginners

The current world is all about social media, and you will see the internet flooded by photos of people all around you. Some images may possess basic traits of 2d photography, whereas some pictures might be 3D. Having a 3D photograph adds a new dimension to your photography skills and allow you to attract people with your photos. So is it challenging to click 3d pictures? No, not at all, only a bit of hard work and consistency will get you a good and desired 3d photograph that you always wanted. Let’s discuss how you can click 3d photographs with ease. This step by step process will even help beginners in taking their career towards 3d pictures.

Knowing A Bit About 3d Effects

3d photography

Photography involves using cameras and various softwares to get the end product which attracts people. Clicking a photo is not enough to start with your 3d photography skill, but you also need to know the correct softwares that you will be using; also, light plays a significant role in enhancing your photograph. 3d photograph can involve using a single photo and later rendering it with photoshop to get that 3d effect or using two photos and bringing in the 3D effect.

Capturing Photos

Now that you know what 3d photography is, you need to learn how to capture 3d photographs. For a 3d photograph, you need to click two photos both from 2 different angles. If you are clicking the photo of a stationary object, then click the photo with a slight motion of the camera. To ease the process of clicking photos, it would be apt that you use a two-camera setup to click photos. A two-camera setup will allow you to click photos with two different angles simultaneously. 

While editing the photos, you need to put both the images in such a way that the left eye of the viewer can only see the left angle while the right eye of the viewer can only see the right angle. 

Adding The Final Touches To The Photos

Now the final step is to add that 3d effect and touch to the photos. This is one of the most important steps to rendering a 3d photograph. One of the easiest ways to do it is to add color effects. This is the old school method which was used in movies in the old days. However, this method is still being used nowadays and has been proved to be the most efficient and easy method to add 3d touch to the photos. This can be done by adding a red tint to one image and cyan tint to another image. Later the viewer can view the image with the help of those red-cyan 3d glasses. 

The other method is called wiggle 3d effect. This is also one of the easiest methods to help add that 3d effect to the image. This can be done by creating a GIF from the photos, that will switch from different angles back and forth.

Tips To Consider To Help You Add 3D Effect To Your Image

3D Photography
  • While clicking the photograph, make sure that you are choosing a subject with depth. Take elements with objects very close that will help you add 3d effect to the image.
  • Make sure that the subject is at the center of the frame, and this will help maintain proper alignment of the subject while rendering multiple images together to add 3d effect.
  • You should take more than two photos. This will help you choose from the best photos that are not faded or blurred. While clicking multiple photos, you get the option to select from multiple images that you feel are best. 
  • Have an idea of the separation between the images. Well, this depends on the alignment of the subject in the photo. 
  • The pro tips for editing 3d photos and capturing are to start taking your photo from left to right. Make sure that you always continue in one direction. Continuing in one direction helps you in rendering the images and do not get the blurry photos while you are adding the 3d effects.

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