Top 5 Best 1TB SSD Available in Indian Market

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5 Best 1Tb SSD In India

Many people prefer buying SSDs rather than HDD because of its ongoing benefits. SSDs are better than HDD in terms of speed and performance. Moreover, there are portable SSDs available to power up your performance while you are using your laptop. Just like portable HDD, there are portable SSD available, which helps you fasten up the process of data transfer. Do you get confused about which SSD to buy and what will meet your requirement? In this article, we will be discussing the 5 best 1 Tb SSDs that are available in India. 

Samsung Portable SSD T5

Samsung has always been one of the biggest storage device manufacturers, and SSDs from Samsung is best in class in terms of performance. This SSD is best to meet your day to day task of data transferring and backup with light blazing speed. This Samsung portable SSD T5 is known to transfer data in no time. Also, you need not worry about falling short of space. Another benefit of this portable SSD by Samsung is that it is made up of the metal body. The metal body not only gives this drive a premium look but also makes it robust and durable. The main purpose of the portable drive is to carry it around for traveling purposes. While you travel, your hard disk can face some falls and bents, which may lead to wearing the body in case of a plastic body. Plastic bodies in most of the storage drives are not made to bear falls, and their bodies wear off. This SSD is made up of metal, which means it can easily bear falling from a certain height.

Moreover, this Samsungs Portable SSD T5 is compact and light in weight, making it much easier to carry around. 

The drive comes with management software, allowing you to install the latest firmware updates no matter what operating system you are using.

ADATA SD 700 External SSD

Next on the list, we have external SSD by ADATA. The specialty of this ADATA is that it is compact enough to fit in the pocket. Moreover, it is shock-resistant, so you need not worry about electrocution while using the drive. With great speed comes the greater capacity, which has been proven by this ADATA SD 700 External SSD. This ADATA SD700 external SSD is known to have a capacity of 1Tb with a maximum speed of 440 Mb/s. With a premium built, the SSD has passed a drop test. ADATA provides three years warranty with this SSD.

G-technology R-series 1TB

This drive is made to edit videos faster than a normal HDD. You get a speed of 560 MB/s with this drive. One of the main things to note about this SSD is that it is easy to connect. You need not worry about connecting the device to your computer. The drive can be connected to a mobile phone or computer with reversible USB Type-C cable. 

Samsung 850 Evo

Samsung 850 Evo is the best solid-state drive with a capacity of 1 Tb for developers. It allows you to unlock the potential of your computer by providing it a 2x speed than a regular storage drive. What more do you get with this drive? Well, this drive comes with a warranty of 5 years, which covers any damage to the data or software faulty. Samsung has been known to assist users with their problems, providing them better user assistance.

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 1Tb

Sandisk is the first choice of many people when it comes to buying storage devices. Be it pen drives of HHD and SSD, Sandisk has always been the first choice of the users. This SSD by Sandisk is certified by IP55 rating, which means that the SSD will be resistant to rain, splashes, dust, and liquid spills.

The disk drive is best suited for all the operating systems, be it Mac or windows. Being a portable SSD, you can carry it easily in your pocket. With a high-speed 550mb/s, you need not worry about the time taken in transferring data. The drive has a premium build, with a robust body to absorb falls and tough usage. 

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