Over 13,500 Smartphones in India Found Running with Same IMEI, Fraud Case Filed Against Company

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The smartphone marketing in India is huge. Since the launch of 4G network in India we are seeing a surge in the smartphone purchase among Indian consumers.

According to sources, over 13,500 smartphones in India found running with same IMEI number which is something we should worry about.

If you do not know what an IMEI number is, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

It is a very unique code or 15 digit number which should be unique for each and every mobile we purchase. So that we can track any criminal activities or a theft case.

But what if we have same IMEI for thousands of mobile phones? It will be impossible to track who did what. And there will be a lot of fraudulent activities as well.

After an inspection conducted by the Cyber Cell, it is 100% proven that there are 13,500 cell phones running with same IMEI number and the company that sold these smartphones is – VIVO.

According to 2017 act tampering IMEI is a punishable offence under Indian Court of Law.

With the above law authorities have sent notice to Vivo India under section 91 CrPC or Code of Criminal Procedure.

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