100% Honest Ownership Review of TVS Apache 200 4v BS6 2020 Model

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Hello guys my blog this is Satrujit, I will share my ownership review of TVS Apache 200 4V bs6.

this article will be hundred percent genuine and unpaid. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that you-tubers are making just get famous.

But that is not the case here, I am not paid by any company or showroom.

I will simply share whatever I have using this bike since march month of 2020.

I could have done YouTube video on this but I do not have a YouTube channel that is specific for bikers. so let’s start this journey, I would request you guys to share this article if you find it helpful.

Since I’m not a great biker but I have driven and I have been owner of a lot of bikes which are still selling like hot cakes in the market.

I started my bike riding journey from Bajaj Pulsar 150. after riding it for 3 years I purchased Bajaj Pulsar 220F. It was the year 2011 and Bajaj Pulsar 220 was still a Dream bike for lot of people. After using Pulsar 220 for 3 years I purchased Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Electra.

Every biker in his life has the dream to ride a bullet, I also had similar dreams. yes I miss my bullet and the only reason I switched To Dominar 400 is the vibration and tube tyres of Bullet 350. puncture is really a nightmare for Royal Enfield, the bikes are too heavy and at that time it did not come up with tubeless tyre. We still do not have a tubeless version for Bullet Electra.

I personally do not like Classic 350. Because it saturated and it’s shot when compared to Electra. if Royal Enfield well tire to Bullet Electra model, I will purchase it again.

In the year 2019, I purchased Bajaj Dominar 400. Reviews for good everywhere and yes the bike is good as well. But somehow it didn’t fit my requirements, I live in a city named Cuttack, which is famous for narrow roads and gullies. and 90% of my ride what’s inside the town. Bajaj Dominar 400 is too heavy to maneuver freely without having wrist pain inside the town. the mileage is around 25 – 30 Max which is kind of similar to a diesel car. but the power is incredible and the control is where is stable.

once I realized that Bajaj Dominar 400 is not for a city ride, I decided to get a bike that is best for joyful city ride and can we easily get a mileage of 40-45 kmpl depending on the riding style.

Now few people will ask why did you choose a 200 CC bike over 400? And that too you ditched Bajaj Dominar 400?

Guys, if a bike is powerful, looks cool, and a head-turner but does not fulfill your needs and is not easy to maintain then there is no point in investing around 200k INR in a bike. Of course, Bajaj 400 Dominar is a cool bike to have but the service centers they have are literally useless. They lack the knowledge and they seriously do not know how to fix minor issues in Dominar 400. Some service stations are only there to make a recurring profit, again I won’t take names.

I was fed up from the service too. Once there was oil leakage from the engine chamber. I went to the service station told them the issue, they were like “Are ye to ek nut loose hogya he thik hojayega.” Then to fix that nut I was charged 1100 INR where the bike was brand new. Again I confirmed from them whether the engine oil that was leaked out is refilled or not. They were like “Aram se 2000 km chalaona sir.”

After few days the smell of engine was like a burning plastic or something. I doubted the service center’s work and simply checked the oil level.

There was no oil and the engine was about to seize. That day I decided I will sell this bike and get something now.

Now comes the APACHE 200 4V Bs6 2020 :

As we all know the 2020 new RTO rules have already started digging holes in the pockets with a large number of fines. Overspeeding is also an offense and one of my friends was fined 2000 twice for his overspeeding on his Harley Davidson Street. This opened my eyes.

Let’s assume your bike price is 2 lakhs and you end up paying fines worth rupees 50000-100000 for over speeding. There might be people who have no issues but I can’t waste my money like this.

I wanted something that I can use in the city, has a good pickup, looks modern and has modern features with decent mileage.

BS6 Apache 200 4V Honest Ownership Review by Satrujit

So ladies and gentlemen here is my Apache 200 4v BS6 Model purchased in March 2020.

My personal review on Apache 200 4v Bs6 2020:

Well, the experience so far is amazing. I was not a fan of TVS but now I am.
It has a great 0-60 pickup and goes like a rocket in that range.

The bike is stable and comfortable thanks to the seats and suspensions.

Being a 6.2 feet tall guy, I do not feel any pain or pressure on my back, shoulder or wrist thanks to the kerb weight and power ratio.

It turns heads, yes people ask me which bike is it? Because it does have horse logo on the tank which is quite attractive.

City rides are the moment on this bike, you can literally zip zap zoom through traffic and overtake any cars without hesitation. Breaking is amazing because it is having dual channel ABS with petal discs.

There are no vibrations up to 100km per hour and I have not taken it beyond that because I do not want to. Mirrors are pretty good because the rear view is clean. It is absolutely comfortable for 2 people I always roam with my girlfriend around the city comfortably.

The overall look of the bike is modern and the smart connect feature helps you keep the record of the past rides and also can notify your dear ones when you have an accident. Which is really a cool one.

The sporty sound which is kind of bassy turns head on the roads. I really love the exhaust note. The overall engine refinement and clutch response is just superb.

Headlamp is very bright and has a decent coverage at night time.

Now lets talk about mileage, Right now I am getting somewhere around 38-42 mileage with this bike. Which will be stable after 3rd servicing.

Now if you ask me about riding experience then I would say it is simply great because you can turn the bike very easily, the weight to power ratio is 100% perfect and it is quite comfortable even for a guy who is 6.2

Now the question is who should buy TVS Apache 400 BS6 2020?

Well, if you are more of a city commuter and you go on occasional weekend high way rides then it is the perfect toy for you.

I will enable the comment section where you can ask any questions that I did not cover in the article. I do not want to stretch it more and bore you people so please comment rest of your questions below.

Please share if this was helpful, It won’t make any difference to you but will motivate to write more reviews.